I will make an appearance on Mike Silva’s New York Baseball Digest Radio Show tonight at 7:00pm. You can listen live by going to their website.

You might recall New York Baseball Digest recently when we took them to task for saying the Rays will always be the Rays for demoting David Price to delay his free agency and arbitration clocks.

They say the show is being called “Friendly Rivals,” but just in case they go all Shelly Duncan on us, we are bringing Jonny Gomes along for the ride.

What? Jonny is no longer with the Rays? Ummm. Is Joey available?

Friendly Rivals: Cork Gaines of Rays Index Tonight @7pm [New York Baseball Digest]


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  1. Dirtbag Fan says:

    Good luck.

    If those guys start beating you just go out and spend a bunch of money on useless, overpaid help and hopefully you'll be able to beat them; wait, that's backwards...

    break a leg (preferablly a-rod's)


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