php5xwtqwDerrick Goold of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that Troy Percival campaigned on behalf of the team to bring Jason Isringhausen on board and also campaigned with team on behalf of Izzy. Now that the two closers with a combined 645 career saves are wearing the same uniform, Joe Maddon sees a lot of similarities.

Seeing him and Percy side by side is quite interesting. You could consider them separated-at-birth-kind of guys. There are some similarities there.

Maddon does feel that the two pitchers are good for each other. And Percival says he wants to help Izzy get the 7 saves needed for 300 in his career. When told about this, Maddon was amused.

“Percy is always writing checks his body can’t – what’s the old phrase? – cash,” Maddon joked. “Percy’s good at that.”

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