phpm6TU9JBack in early 2007, Joe Maddon wanted Edwin Jackson to watch some tapes of Bob Gibson. This is not a new story. Nor is it really anything newsworthy. Why wouldn’t a manager want a pitcher to emulate one of the greatest pitchers in baseball history.

What is crazy. No. What is absolutely mind-boggling idiocy is John Lowe of the Detroit Free-Press with a column titled:

Edwin Jackson drawing comparisons to Bob Gibson

Sweet Fancy Moses! Our jaw just dropped so far it fell completely off our face. Seriously, we need to reattach our jaw.

Bob Gibson won two Cy Young awards and an MVP. He was an all-star nine times. He won 18 games eight times. He struck out 7.2 and walked only 3.1 per 9 innings for his career.  And lest you think he was just a product of the pitcher era, he finished his 17-year career with an ERA+ of 127.

Edwin Jackson has a career ERA+ of 86 and his strike out and walk rates per 9 innings are 6.1 and 4.5.

And we are not trying to knock Jackson here. We actually think that one of these years Jackson will put it all together and get hot for an entire season. He will win 20 games and contend for a Cy Young. But it will be one season in a sea of 15 other seasons that will be average at best and downright horrific at worst.

Edwin Jackson is not Bob Gibson. Edwin Jackson does not “draw comparisons” to Bob Gibson. If Bob Gibson is a Mercedes, Edwin Jackson is a blind donkey with only three legs.

Edwin Jackson drawing comparisons to Bob Gibson [Detroit Free-Press]



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