phpc0MS0PDavid Price’s glove made the news this off-season when it was revealed that he had the phrase “Live Like Nate” stitched into the leather. This was the same glove Price was wearing when he closed out game 7 against the Red Sox in the ALCS (Price used a black glove in spring training last year).

The other night, we were watching the Grapefruit League game between the Rays and the Pirates in which Price made his second spring appearance. The Pirates TV crew brought up a point that we had not considered previously. Price’s glove may be illegal.

We don’t have the exact quote from the broadcast, but the topic of concern was the color of Price’s glove. In short, the announcers seemed sure that at some point an opposing manager is going to ask the home plate umpire to rule whether Price’s glove is too similar in color to the baseball.

Specifically, the announcers were referring to rule 1.15(a)

The pitcher’s glove may not, exclusive of piping, be white, gray, nor, in the judgment of an umpire, distracting in any manner.

Well. The glove is neither white nor gray. It appears to be a very light tan (here is a closer view). But the rule leaves enough to the umpire’s interpretation. And a ruling could depend on the umpire that is asked.

We have to think that the color of the glove is light enough that King David might be risking an unnecessary in-game distraction and he might want to keep a darker model laying around just in case.

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  1. Joe D. says:

    I think that he also wears the glove in the team photo's that came out a couple of weeks ago.

    It's about the same color as most of the natural finish bats, or some of the lighter infield dirt's, not sure if Price could use that as a defense if it ever came into question.

    Kind of reminds me of how no one believes that Aki's bat is legal.

  2. theraysparty says:

    It is not illegal unless the batter tells the umpire that it is distracting to him. And since he pitched against the Yankees and Red Sox and they didn't complain to the umpire, than it would seem that the glove is not distracting to a hitter. And I am sure the same color was worn by Cards pitcher Jason Motte in today's game.

    It would be convenient if we knew what the exact color the glove is.

    • But it will only take one blowhard from another team that wants to try and get in Price's head. Let's say the Rays are up 1-0 and Price is cruising. Somebody may try to fluster the young pup by asking the umpire to check. Of course there is also the possibility that the Rays have already ok'd the glove. But what I do know is that a light colored glove like that on a pitcher is extremely rare and for a reason.

      • theraysparty says:

        Good point. A veteran would shrug off that minor detail but a younger pitcher like you said could be "flustered". If an opposing team did that, it would be out of desperation and I could imagine an umpire actually deciding that Price's glove isn't illegal.

  3. Ghost of Quinton McCracken says:

    yeah, it doesnt look illegal to me, but i agree that i wouldnt be surprised if somebody brings it up at some point. at this point he is just inviting trouble. i dont like it.

  4. Rumpy says:

    Didnt Kaz's glove look like the same color as Price's in todays game against the Cardinals?


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