[Update] Turns out this interview was actually conducted on behalf of Big League Stew. We originally gave credit to another website that stole the piece. Our apologies to ‘Duk and the rest of the crew over at the always entertaining Big League Stew.

phpD4mLDvDavid Brown of Big League Stew provides us with an entertaining interview with Carlos Pena, the highlight of which is Pena’s toungue-in-cheek refusal to play until one particular fan shows up to spring training with another taco for Pena to sign (something that has occured each of the previous two seasons).

CP (to the other reporter): Can you put out a call to the guy who always has me sign the taco? He always brings a Taco Bell taco for me to sign. Put something in the paper. That’s funny, right?

Other reporter: OK, how about, “I’m not playing until the Taco Man shows up”?

CP: I won’t, either. That’ll work.

So either this is a good luck charm, or El Gato is angling for a Taco Bell endorsement deal.

Some other topics covered in the interview

  • Pena prefers Barnes and Noble to Borders and admits it gets him “chicks…at certain times.”
  • If he wasn’t playing baseball, he would be making independent films.
  • Tampa Bay is the best-kept secret in baseball, and not just because of the baseball team.

Answer Man: Carlos Pena talks tacos, reading and filmmaking [Big League Stew]



  1. Mike D says:

    I didn't think cats liked Chihuahuas.

  2. 'Duk says:

    Hey Cork —

    Not sure what the heck Lancilo is, but that's a Big League Stew interview they copied and pasted over to our site ...


    Those crafty Internet thieves!


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