phpN0jhl4For many teams it is tradition on St. Patrick’s Day to switch either their cap or their cap and jersey from their traditional colors to green. Two years ago, when the then Devil Rays still wore green, the team became the first team in the history of spring training to wear less green on St. Patrick’s Day (see image at right).

Last year, when the Rays exorcised the Devil and eschewed the green for blue, the team was mysteriously idle on St. Patrick’s Day and were spared from having to either where something akin to a throwback cap/jersey or be seen as insulting a baseball tradition and the greatest of holidays.

So what did the Rays decide to do this year? They once again had an off-day on St. Patrick’s Day. Two years in a row? A coincidence? Or did the Rays forsake St. Patrick when they ditched the green?



  1. Justin says:

    The Pirates' green hats a day earlier were not only unofficial New Era non-fitted caps, but also, they looked terrible.

    It makes sense to me that the Red Sox wear all green, due to the active Irish populations in South Boston, but I think other teams should abstain.

  2. Elijah's 6th Love Child says:

    I know the new ownership group wants their own identityand there wasn't a lot to be proud of from the first 9 seasons but are we supposed to pretend like they never happened? If so, can I get a refund on all those tickets I bought?

    • Scott Schiele says:

      The only two things that are leftover are The Trop and Boggs' retired number. And I am sure the new FO would love to ditch both of those.

  3. KyleS says:

    It doesn't appear that Longo was idle on St Patrick's day.......stomach bug my ass.

  4. miklb says:

    I was able to purchase a quasi St. Patty's day cap from the Ray's store downtown last season. It's green, with a little shamrock on the back right edge of the bill. Certainly seemed to be lucky, as I wore it all season without dare washing it and look how the season went 😀

    I was hoping to find a new version this season, but haven't made it into the store yet to check.


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