Talk about hedging one’s bets…

Tony DeMarco of NBC Sports spends most of his latest column, “Don’t expect Rays to rise again in 2009,” comparing the Rays to the ‘08 Rockies..

[The Rays] won with a smattering of veterans among an overwhelmingly young and inexperienced roster…At least on those levels, the 2008-2009 Rays most closely parallel the 2007-08 Rockies, which of course, isn’t a good thing.

the ‘06 Tigers…

…quality young pitching that appears set for a long run of success rarely pans out. Injuries, lack of consistency and underachieving too often get in the way…Just ask the Tigers, the last example.

reminding us what division the Rays play in…

But you also know where the Rays reside — and we’re not talking about The Trop. That would be in the AL East, where they still are dwarfed payroll-wise by the Yankees and Red Sox, and where repeating doesn’t get any more difficult.

and finally warns of an emotional letdown, again comparing the Rays to the Rockies…

And, the Rays will have to figure out how to cope with the inevitable emotional letdown that follows pulling off the miraculous. Just ask the Rockies about that one.

At this point we are about to throw up on our pancakes waiting for DeMarco to project the Rays to win 60-70 games.

So how does DeMarco feel the Rays will do in 2009?

No, the Rays aren’t the Rockies. But they aren’t likely to get back to the World Series, either. Something in between seems most logical — something around 90 wins, and only a ‘maybe’ on another postseason appearance.

Fudge the heck?!? After riping the Rays apart for 21 paragraphs, calling them a paper tiger, comparing them to two teams that averaged 81 wins, reminding us how the Yankees and Red Sox are so much awesomer than the Rays and telling us that the Rays won’t be able to handle the emotional letdown, DeMarco now says the Rays will win 90 games in the toughest division in baseball and “maybe” make the playoffs.

Of course, we expect nothing less from somebody that was once referred to as a “moron” at Fire Joe Morgan.

Don’t expect Rays to rise again in 2009 [NBC Sports]
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