FanFest was Saturday (Evan Longoria was absent due to having his wisdom teeth pulled). The bird’s eye view of FanFest (right) was provided to us by one of our readers (thanks Bryan). Click on the image for a larger view. Bryan also caught this image of Jonny Gomes’ locker. Is there any doubt that Jonny-terrific drank all of that by himself? And what is the over-under on how long it took? 3 minutes?


  • Might we have to retire the nickname “The Fat Catcher” already? Dioner Navarro showed up to camp 15 pounds lighter than his weight at the end of last season, and Marc Lancaster says the difference is noticeable. [Tampa Tribune]
  • In the same piece, we get an early contender for quote of the year from JP Howell (of course). When asked how many players the new hot and cold tubs can hold, Howell said “At least six…If Percy’s in there, we’ve got four, then.” [Tampa Tribune]
  • Marc Topkin is reporting that Willy Aybar’s new contract should be finalized today. The deal is for two years with an option for 2011. [St. Pete Times]
  • Do you want to tell the world what the Rays will do in 2009 before it happens? Here is your chance: 2009 Tampa Bay Rays season on Wikipedia. [Wikipedia]
  • Rays Prospects has the radio schedule for Rays spring training games. [Rays Prospects]
  • The Rays are very happy with their new spring training facilities. [MLB]
  • Richard Justice of the Sporting News says the Phillies have a better shot at making it back to the World Series. The Rays do play in the same division as the Red Sox and the Yankees, so that seems like a fair and obvious observation. But Justice also thinks the Rays 29-18 record in one-run games last season was lucky and likely to even out, ignoring the fact that it is not luck if it is because the Rays just had a better bullpen. Justice’s other reason is that the Phillies got to the Series without any players posting career years, without telling us exactly who on the Rays did. [Sporting News]
  • From the Bradenton Herald: “Rays ready to roll despite shore offseason”…C’mon guys. In the title? Listen. We make spelling errors around here all the time. But our editor is named Junebug and she chases squirrels and poops outside. We hope that is not the same excuse at the Herald. [Bradenton Herald]


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