Time to bring back the GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.


THE GOOD: Wade Davis. There has been chatter recently about how Davis’ 2009 season could follow the same path as what David Price did in 2008. That is, Davis could be the “jolt in the arm” the bullpen needs for the playoff run and in the playoffs if they make it that far. While other teams are giving up prospects for pitching help in July, the Rays may need only book a flight from Durham to Tampa. So it was fitting that Davis’ spring debut rang familiar yesterday, reminding us of the dominating debut of Price a year ago. Like Price Davis faced the Yankees, striking out 3 without giving up a hit or a walk…Chad Orvella. He gave up a home run in his one inning of work, but it was good to see Orvella back on the mound after missing all of 2008…

THE BAD: The Offense.  It took 16 innings to score their first run and of their 9 hits in 18 innings, the Rays only have 2 extra-base hits, both doubles. And they only drew 1 walk yesterday. In two games the Rays have struck out 14 times and drawn 3 walks.

THE TELLING: It is still too early to get too worked up about the offense. Yesterday’s lineup featured only one player that figures to be a starter on opening day, Carl Crawford.


  • Those Rays photo day images we posted the other day? One of our readers put together a nice wallpaper using some of those images (thanks David). [Rays Wallpaper]
  • Aaron Sharockman is trying to figure out exactly how much money the Rays contributed to the new ballpark in Charlotte County. [Ballpark Frankness]
  • Tony Fabrizio explores who Joe Maddon might have leading off in 2009…At this point we are not sure BJ Upton is our first choice but we wouldn’t mind seeing how it works for a while. [Tampa Tribune]
  • While Joe Maddon is still not sure who will lead off, he has no question who will bat second. Carl Crawford. [MLB]
  • And Joe Maddon is already declaring that right field will be a platoon this season…Anybody else notice that MLB’s efforts to have their beat writers write blogs is about the same amount of effort they put into eliminating steroids? [Rays Plays]
  • Jason Isringhausen and Troy Percival each threw in the bullpen yesterday. Maddon said Izzy “threw everything and threw everything well.”…Apparently Maddon did not say the same about Percy. [St. Pete Times]
  • Wade Davis spoke about his spring outing and what he needs to do in 2009. [MLB]
  • Carl Crawford says he was hurting “from the first day of spring training” last year, but that this year he feels “like an athlete again.” [Tampa Tribune]
  • Tony Fabrizio of the Tampa Tribune spoke to Gabe Kapler about his decision to manage in the minor leagues in 2007 and his decision to return to the field last year. [Tampa Tribune]
  • Ken Rosenthal says the Rays are the team to beat in the AL East…Ahhh, the kiss of death. [Fox Sports]
  • Dalia Colon takes a look at some of the other attractions in Port Charlotte…The “Fish Cove Adventure Mini Golf” sounds like a party in a box. [St. Pete Times]



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