Above is a new Adidas commercial featuring BJ Upton and Ryan Howard. We find it a bit ironic that Upton argues that speed is what it takes “to get to the Series” while Howard says it is power. In the first two rounds of the playoffs, it was Upton that used power, hitting 7 long balls against Sox of White and Red varieties. Howard hit none. Just sayin’.


  • So much for trading Chad Bradford and so much for having too many arms in the bullpen. Chad Bradford injured his elbow during off-season workouts and had arthroscopic surgery last week. He will be out 3-4 months. [The Heater]
  • Marc Lancaster takes a look at what Chad Bradford’s injury means for the bullpen. [Tampa Tribune]
  • Baseball Prospectus has released their projected standings based on PECOTA projections. The Rays are projected to win 92 games and finish third. Interestingly, PECOTA projects the Rays to score as many runs as the Yankees, but their pitching is only projected to be the fourth best in the division…We will once again summarize the different projection systems once they have all been published. [Baseball Prospectus]
  • The Rays still have not officially announced the Brian Shouse signing, nor do we know how much Shouse will make. Marc Lancaster speculates that the Rays are waiting because of the need to drop somebody off the 40-man roster…The Rays could be trying to make a deal. [Rays Report]
  • Lisa Winston of MiLB.com interviewed Reid Brignac and recounted the injury that ended Brignac’s season in 2008. Oh, and if Briganc could be anybody for a day, he would be Lebron James. Yes, Lebron James. [MLB]
  • Jerry Crasnick of ESPN.com says Morgan Ensberg, who signed a minor league deal with the Rays, has a shot at making the roster…In place of who? Ben Zobrist is needed to back up short, Shawn Riggans is he backup catcher and Gabe Kapler is part of the right field platoon. That leaves Willy Aybar. Anybody think Ensberg has a shot at making the roster ahead of Aybar? We don’t. [ESPN]
  • The Lakeland Ledger profiles Matt Joyce’s childhood and and looks at what Rays fans can expect from Joyce in 2009 and beyond (thanks Steve). [Lakeland Ledger]
  • Former Rays bench coach and Mariners manager John McLaren, has joined the Rays as a scout. [MLB]
  • Scott Boras is blaming Pat Burrell and his agents for the poor market for corner outfielders, saying Burrell took a “bad deal.” [MLB Trade Rumors]
  • MLB Outsider says James Shields is one of the top 10 starting pitchers in baseball. [MLB Outsider]



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