Jason Isringhausen wants Brian Shouse’s #44? Fine. The Shousenator has only been here a week. We hope Izzy at least gave Shouse a case of beer, or maybe some Depends.

But we draw the line at taking James Shields’ locker.

Jason Isringhausen’s arrival required some shuffling. He took No. 44, and LHP Brian Shouse switched to No. 52. Also, RHP James Shields gave up his corner suite locker and moved across the room between Scott KazmirAndy Sonnanstine.

We tried to generate a list of relief pitchers that Shields should be willing to give up his locker for. The list started and ended with Mo Rivera. We don’t care if Isringhausen does have 293 career saves, he is in camp on a minor league deal.

After Isringhausen signed with the Rays, we were flooded with comments about what a nutcase Izzy was and how the Rays better hope he never sees the light of day. We chalked it up to a few scorned fans. Now we wonder if there is some merit to their madness.

You can put lipstick on a pig, but it will still be the great Mets prospect that never lived up to the hype and couldn’t carry James Shields’ jockstrap.

Tampa Bay Rays news and notes [St. Pete Times]


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