One person associated with the Rays that doesn’t receive as much attention as he probably deserves is Henry Oliu, the Rays Spanish radio broadcaster. Oliu is able to call the Rays play-by-play despite being blind since birth.

Few people that follow the Rays are aware of the story of Henry O, and even fewer people know the story outside of the bay area. Ziad Hamzeh is trying to change that.

Henry O!, a feature-length documentary directed by Ziad Hamzeh, has been selected as an official entry in The 2009 DC Independent Film Festival, 2009 Beloit Film Festival, 2009 Lindsey UNA Film Festival, 2009 Gasparilla Film Festival, and the 2009 Macon Film and Video Film Festival…HENRY O! tells the remarkable and inspiring story of Henry Oliu, a man blind since birth, who has overcome all the odds and made his major league baseball dream come true. Calling upon his love for sports and an encyclopedic memory for facts and figures, Henry hears the crack of the bat and knows if it’s a single, double, or homerun; he listens for the ball singing into the catcher’s mitt and knows if it’s a curveball, fastball, or change-up.

This film will be featured at the Gasparilla Film Festival. If anybody gets a chance to see this film, we would love to hear a review.



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