phpM8ENUmAndy Gray of spoke with professional wrestler (and actor and hip-hop artist!) John Cena who is apparently responsible for the rivalry between the Rays and Red Sox… I couldn’t help but notice you were spotted with a Tampa Bay Rays hat earlier this season. But you’re from Boston? What’s the deal?

JC: I was just trying to stir up a division rivalry that was dead in the water. I live down here in Tampa and I’d like to move back to Massachusetts…When the Rays starting to getting hot, the story for the whole season became, ‘When are they gonna slow down?’ So I took it upon myself to try and stir the pot and try and create a division rivalry. When you think of AL East, you think of Red Sox-Yankees. It was cool to see a new team in the mix and I wanted to make the most if it.

And we thought we hated the Red Sox because of their elitist attitude, their pink-hatted loud-mouthed fans and of course Julian Tavarez and Coco Crisp.

We are just waiting for Cena to don a Bucs cap to create the next big rivalry in the NFL…PATS-BUCS!

/steps down from soap box. raises hands and slowly backs away from Mr. Cena

John Cena talks Red Sox-Rays, future WWE stars and his top diva []



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