Lots of chatter in the interwebs about one David Taylor Price, the favored son despite being the youngest. For it was David who appeared late and slew JD Drew, Mark Kotsay, Jason Varitek and Jed Lowrie, leading the Rays over the Philistines Red Sox.

What has been the most surprising about many of the preseason write-ups on the Rays by national journalists is the assumption that Price will spend the entire season in the Rays’ rotation. In fact, the Rays have made it very clear that Price is just one of four pitchers competing for the final spot, with Price’s chances hinging more on his development while the others are competing with each other.

Rob Neyer of ESPN.com makes the case that starting Price in Durham is bad idea,  and that his changeup shouldn’t be a determining factor. Instead Neyer suggests that the Rays bullpen might be the best spot to start the season.(…)
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