Here is a blogger that knows about as much about baseball as a hamster.

Throughout the season and into October, many baseball fans and media types waited for the [Rays] inevitable collapse, which never really came. I was one of them, never believing the Rays were for real. Honestly, I still don’t…How quickly I forgot about the Rockies making that run in 2007. I expect to just as quickly forget about the success the Rays had in 2008. In my mind, the 2008 season was a fluke, a perfect storm of pitching, defense and timely hits. I am already on record predicting a sub-.500 season for the Rays in 2009…

A typical Sox fan that doesn’t realize that the Rays are as similar to the Rockies as Julio Lugo is to Carl Yastrzemski.

A typical Sox fan that doesn’t realize there is actually baseball outside of the Northeast. A Sox fan that isn’t aware that the Rockies got hot late in the year in a weak division. On the other hand, the Rays were in first place every day of the second-half, in the toughest division in baseball.

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