Just the links today as we loathe the observance of National Clean Off Your Desk Day.


  • Renegades Rumblings takes a closer look at the 2009 Hudson Valley coaching staff, including new manager Brady Williams who is only 29 years old. [Renegades Rumblings]
  • Fernando Perez recently participated in a round-table discussion called “Hot Stove, Cool Music” that included. Theo Epstein, Peter Gammons, Dustin Pedroia and CC Sabathia. Sox & Dawgs recaps Perez’ thoughts on playing at Fenway during the playoffs. [MLB] [Sox & Dawgs]
  • Joe Maddon has been sending “good luck” text messages to the head coach of his favorite football team, the Arizona Cardinals, who are now one win from the Super Bowl after many years of sucktitude…Sounds familiar. [USA Today]
  • Brian Cashman says the Yankees spent $435 million this off-season to keep up with the Red Sox and Rays. [St. Pete Times]



  1. Robert Rittner says:

    It's not exactly true that Cashman spent $435 million. He invested a lot of money; that money was invested over a term of anywhere from 5-8 years and he didn't so much spend as replace investments that had come off the books.

    The Yankees current payroll is approximately what it was last year. Actually, the Rays increased their payroll far more than the Yankees, not only % wise but in absolute dollars as well.

  2. The Professor says:

    while there was a lot of money coming off the books, it is a myth that the Yankees have a lower or even equal payroll at this point. it has been analyzed elsewhere, but the figures some people keep tossing around require a lot of double-accounting. not to mention the Yankees still only have about half of their roster under contract for 2009. there is still more money to spend.

  3. cougar says:

    and in other news the rays signed gabe kapler to a one year deal.....i think every bench player on the rays has the ability to play right field

  4. Robert Rittner says:

    I would be curious to see those figures. I did a quick addition of the salaries plus signing bonus payments based on the Cots site and came to just under $200 million. With the 3 arbitration cases pending, it should get to something a bit over $200 million, maybe close to the $209+ million of 2008.

    By no means am I suggesting my calculations are definitive. I just wonder what sources disagree dramatically and how they figure it.

    And what do you mean only half the roster is under contract? According to Cots, the only arbitration eligible players are Nady, Melky Cabrera and Bruney (Wang signed for $5 million). The others can be renewed for what NY wants to pay pretty much. But again, I defer to your greater expertise on these sorts of issues.


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