David Chalk of Bugs and Cranks recently attended a “sports-comedy variety talk show” in which Fernando Perez was a guest. Perez was apparently “funny as hell” according to Chalk, and Nando added an interesting twist to the Rays-Red Sox brawl when Coco Crisp charged the mound after being hit by James Shields

Most enlightening was when Perez gave a behind-the-scenes look into the Red Sox-Devil Rays rivalry, saying that baseball teams routinely share weight rooms and mentioning that in September in Boston Coco Crisp and TMOTMCC James Shields were joking together about their altercation earlier in the season.

What the heck? You think Carlton Fisk and Lou Piniella would have been “joking together” in the weight room? We suppose the next thing is Chalk is going to tell us that pro wrestling isn’t real either.

Chalk also has a picture of himself with Perez. It is sad to see that neither person is still sporting a Mohawk.

Fernando Perez Is Awesome [Bugs and Cranks]



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