Almost exactly one year after being traded together from the Twins to the Rays, and a couple of weeks after Joe Maddon did the same, Matt Garza and Jason Bartlett got married…Not to each other, that would be illegal in most states.

Bartlett married Kelly Chevez on November 15 (picture of the couple below). This came a little more than one year after Bartlett proposed to Kelly while missing a week of the Twins season with “an injury”.

Garza married Serina Ortiz on November 29. Here is video of Garza talking about the wedding. When asked if he was as nervous during game 7 of the ALCS, Garza responded “hell nah!” Matt and Serina have dated since high school and have two children together.

In the same video we learn that Garza is conducting a baseball clinic later this month with some former Fresno State teammates. We hope this doesn’t violate Jim Hickey’s orders that the pitchers are not to touch a baseball until January.

On a side note, Garza’s dad, Rudy Garza, is a member of the Army National Guard and will be deployed to Kuwait in January.

Cangratulations to Matt and Jason, and a heart-felt ‘thank you’ to Rudy.

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  1. Diana says:

    chicks dig the D apparently, nice catch Jason


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