Above image is David Price throwing souvenir t-shirts to fans at a recent Nashville Predators game (thanks Lee).

Is he doing this from the ice? That sound you hear is the accelerated heart beats of every member of the Rays’ front office.


  • Marc Lancaster takes a look at the recent list of players that were non-tendered and sees a few relief pitchers the Rays may be interested in bringing on board. [Rays Report]
  • The Tampa Tribune is not shutting down their print operations despite rumors they will move to 100% online content in January. [Tampa Tribune]
  • No surprise here. Aki Iwamura is on the World Baseball Classic roster for Japan. [Rays Report]
  • The Rays single-A affiliate Charlotte Stone Crabs will unveil their new logo tomorrow afternoon. [Stone Crabs]
  • Rays Digest takes a look at the top corner infielders in the Rays’ farm system, including everybody’s favorite, Burt Reynolds. [Rays Digest]



  1. Rays Party Chairman says:

    Is getting any of those relievers better than some of the guys already in the minors? Dale Thayer, Jason Childers, Calvin Medlock, even Jeremy Cummings can do just the same as these wash up major leaguers and at a cheaper price.
    Maybe they should look at some position players to fill our farm.

  2. Robert Rittner says:

    Yes, it is better. What the Rays need is to have as large a pool as possible of potential relievers so that they can cull through them to find the best fits.

    By acquiring relievers who have had some success in the majors, the Rays can determine which ones are "washed up" and which still have value. Particularly with relievers it is often hard to distinguish without a close up view. Every year a number of apparently washed up relievers return from the dead while apparent successes go into the tank.


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