Happy Birthday to Grant Balfour, who is 31 years old today. We are not sure what that is in Australian years since toilets flush backwards down under*. He shares a birthday with arguably the greatest pitcher to ever live, Sandy Koufax, 73, who went 27-9 with a 190 ERA+ in his last season, a year in which he pitched with an arthritic arm.

Unfortunately The Mad Australian also shares a birthday with one of the biggest scumbags in baseball history, AJ Pierzynski, who has now made 32 trips around the sun despite being a jackass. And still the only player that made us go “Zapruder” here at RI.

*actually not true


  • Andrew Friedman says talks with free agents have picked up in the past week but that nothing is close to being finalized. [The Heater]

Executive vice president Andrew Friedman said Monday that talks with several free agents have gotten “more pointed” in the past week, but nothing is “imminent” as they continue to assess their options from a field that includes Jason Giambi, Pat Burrell, Bobby Abreu, Milton Bradley ( rumored to be headed to the Cubs), Adam Dunn and Garret Anderson, and could include Ken Griffey and Moises Alou.

“I still think we’re in good position to end up with an impact bat,” Friedman said. “We’ll continue to monitor the market and figure out the optimal time to make a deal from our standpoint and the player’s. ”

  • In the same piece, Marc Topkin answers the call and let’s us know that the Joe Nelson signing is indeed still waiting for completion of his physical, which should happen today. [The Heater]
  • The Rays are looking at seven sites, all in Pinellas County, for a new ballpark. It will still be several months before anything is decided. [St. Pete Times]
  • Drays Bay takes a look at how Andrew Friedman’s acquisitions paid off in 2006. [Drays Bay]



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