According to Ken Rosenthal (via MLB Trade Rumors), Jason Giambi is telling friends that he expects to sign with the A’s, per his desire to return to the west coast.

Free-agent first baseman Jason Giambi has told friends that he expects to sign with the A’s, but his former team has him “way down on its list of priorities,” according to a major-league source.

Giambi wants to return to the west coast, but his options appear limited. The Padres and Dodgers are set at first base. The Angels could sign free agent Mark Teixeira and the Giants and Mariners seem inclined to go with younger players.

It now looks like a long-shot for the Rays signing the Giambino to DH in ’09. However, if the deal with the A’s falls through, Giambi may be open to a one-year deal with the Rays, with hopes of a west coast team needing his services in 2010.

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