[Update: 11:58pm] Marc Topkin confirms.

[11:30pm] Jon Paul Morosi of the Detroit Free-Press is now reporting that the deal reported earlier, in which the Rays would send Edwin Jackson to the Tigers for Matt Joyce has now been finalized.

Joyce, 24, is a left-handed hitting outfielder that hit .252/.339/.492 with 12 home runs in 92 games for the Tigers in 2008. He also hit .270/.352/.550 with 13 home runs in 56 games at triple-A.

Moving Jackson assures that Andy Sonnanstine will be in the rotation next season and clears a spot for David Price, although Jeff Niemann, Mitch Talbot and Jason Hammel could also get a shot in April if Price is deemed not ready.

And with that, the Edwin Jackson era in Tampa Bay has ended. Some people like to play video games. Some people like to read books. Edwin Jackson liked to impersonate Bob Gibson for four innings and then the Hindenburg for one.

Tigers trade for Tampa Bay pitcher Edwin Jackson [Detroit Free-Press]



  1. Justin says:

    How important was it to get Joyce?

    We need a LOOGY, and a DH right, but where did the outfielder rank on our list of needs?

  2. The Professor says:

    i would say #2. Maddon and Friedman seem confident that Howell could be the LOOGY *when needed*.

    Power bat is still the top option but that is going to come through free agency and the Rays are going to play that hand slow and take what is left over since there are plenty of nice options out there.

    a relief pitcher will come via trade because they want somebody young.

    This is just one move. Two more are coming.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Areas to improve in order of importance were DH, RF, and bullpen. DH and bullpen are going to be the easiest to address this offseason as there are a plethora of DH canidates available at a reduced cost and loogys are extremely easy to come by. Getting an everyday right fielder, especially someone young under team control for 6 years, cost controlled, and with great upside, was very important. They can take they time with the DH (which will be the middle of the order impact bat we need), likely to come from a group of Bradley, Giambi, Abreu, Burrell and Dunn. Then look for them to make a couple moves to revamp the pen.

    - bossmanjunior


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