Following the 2007 season the Rays changed their colors and dropped the “Devil” from the team’s moniker. However, the “Devil Rays” (and the green uniforms) lived on with two of the Rays’ minor league affiliates.

With the Vero Beach Devil Rays moving to Charlotte and becoming the “Stone Crabs”, that left the Princeton Devil Rays as the only team to retain the old name and colors.

However, today comes word that the Rays’ rookie team in Princeton, New Jersey West Virginia will officially change their name to “Rays” and will adopt the colors of the parent franchise.

It’s no longer a technicality today. Even those that still choose to refer to the Princeton professional baseball squad as “Devil Rays” can now be considered to be officially incorrect. The anticipated change of the Princeton team name to “Rays” became a reality on December 1, 2008 along with the announcement by Princeton Baseball Association, Inc. of a change in it’s team colors, ballcaps, and logo effective immediately…The caps will be navy blue with a large white “P” shadowed with the lighter blue trimming. The yellow burst of light pattern will once again appear inside the enclosed portion of the “P”.

Tonight we will pour a few drops from our 40 on the ground for our homie David Chalk, at Bugs and Cranks after this blow to his fight to save the Devil.

The Tampa Bay Rays and Princeton Rays recently extended their partnership through the 2010 season.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Professor - Going to have a hard time finding the Rays in New Jersey - The Princeton Rays play in West Virginia!

  2. The Professor says:

    dang gum it! i knew that. i take a couple of days off and my brain goes to oatmeal.


  3. Rays Party Leader says:

    The Charlotte team is sticking to Rays franchise tradition and naming there nickname after an animal, mainly a sea creature.

  4. The Professor says:

    a bottom-dwelling one at that

  5. Rays Party Leader says:

    actually, most of the mascots are edible to people: steaks, biscuits, stone crabs, and the hudson valley mascot appears to be a racoon. So their opponents can actually eat them up.


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