Some sobering news today. Via RaysProspects we learn that Wade Townsend has been shut down in the Arizona Fall League due to a shoulder injury that is expected to “sideline him for an indefinite period of time into 2009.”

This is a huge setback for Townsend, who will be 25 in February, and only has two starts above single-A. We can’t imagine he will be full strength again until 2010, when he will be 26 and likely back at single-A. The bitter irony is of course that Townsend suffered his first major injury in the Arizona Fall League back in 2005 when he blew out his elbow and needed Tommy John Surgery. We have to wonder if this latest injury will mark the end to Townsend’s career in the Rays organization.

On a personal level, this is especially difficult because Mrs. Professor and her sisters grew up with Wade and we have to deliver almost weekly reports on his progress to the in-laws. We are not looking forward to that part of dinner this weekend.

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  • That story we posted yesterday about Evan Longoria and his offseason in Long Beach? Well, during the interview a waitress interrupted to tell Longoria that she would be attending an upcoming party hosted by Longoria. Thanks to some stalking nifty interweb research by ‘Duk over at Big League Stew, we now know that the young lady in question, Paloma Soto-Castillo, was a contestant on the latest season of “Survivor”. And there is a picture…Is there anything Dirtbag can’t do well? Nice pull kid. [Big League Stew]
  • Evan Longoria as Brad Pitt? Fine. But “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” as a “chick flick”? Not even close. Listen. We have no problem with “chick flicks”. They serve a purpose. Some are even good. We have over 300 DVDs and there are more than a few “chick flicks” in there that we would never admit to owning in public. The problem with “chick flicks” is the plot has to be very, very good. If the plot sucks, the movie has nothing to fall back on. On the other hand, take a typical guy movie. If the plot sucks, it is not the end of the world. There will still be explosions and car chases and aliens and girls in lingerie. In other words, there are plenty of distractions from a disastrous plot. And that is what “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” offers. Plenty of distractions. Love story? Sure. But there are enough explosions and gun fire to distract you from the sappy parts. Not to mention, the use of the song “Mondo Bongo” in the climatic fight scene is one of the great movie song/scene combinations ev-ER. Besides, can it be a “chick flick” if the filming led to one actor cheating on his wife? But we like where Her Rays is going with this. [Her Rays]
  • MVN Outsider plays the role of Andrew Friedman and looks at a few moves the Rays should make this offseason. The big suggestion is trading Andy Sonnanstine and Chad Bradford for Andre Ethier…Not terrible, but the Rays would prefer to add a right-handed bat and would probably like to avoid an arbitration-eligible player that comes without cost-certainty. [MVN Outsider]
  • David Chalk writes a guest piece over at Big League Stew breaking down the World Series odds for various teams in 2009 and let’s you know how stupid it would be to wager on the Yankees. Really, really, really stupid. [Big League Stew]


  1. Jessica says:

    Ha. I knew this would come up. You're right I didn't pick a typical chick flick for the first part of this series. However these types of movies appeal to chicks too. You see we all secretly wish we were super smart and could kick ass. That's why we loved Alias so much. We could also argue that Mr. and Mrs. Smith is a chick flick that they added violence to in order to entertain the men. Kind of like Jerry Maguire is a rom-com with some football to entertain the guys.:)

  2. The Professor says:

    Jerry Maguire is what we like to call a "Spork Flick". It is a full-on chick flick disguised as a sports movie. You say it is "to entertain the guys". I say it is to lull the guys into a false sense of comfort before BAM! "You had me at blah, blah, blah"


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