Last week, we updated our Trade Value Index Top 50 in which we ranked the top 50 players in the organization based on value to the team. In our list, we had Evan Longoria at the top, followed by David Price, James Shields, BJ Upton, Scott Kazmir and Matt Garza. Considering talent, potential, age, position and contract status, which player do you think should have been #1?


  • Last week we learned that Wade Townsend had suffered another injury that would derail the former first round pick for a good part of the ’09 season. Now, Joe Smith is reporting that Townsend had surgery on his right shoulder and will likely miss the entire season…Townsend will be 27 in 2010 with only 2 career starts above single-A. Last week we speculated that his career with the Rays was in jeopardy. This week we have to wonder if his career in baseball is in jeopardy. [The Heater]
  • Aaron Sharockman of the St. Pete Times has a sobering report on the demographics of the Bay Area and how Tampa-St. Pete compares to other baseball markets and whether the area is a viable option for supporting a baseball team…In short, it is not impossible, but it is an uphill climb. [St. Pete Times]
  • Last week, Rays Prospects did a nice job of analyzing the 2008 performances of the starting pitchers throughout the organization. This week they are back with the relief pitchers. Must reads if you follow the minor leaguers. [Rays Prospects]
  • Tampa Bay Sports Blog has a list of 5 moves the Rays should make…We don’t have any issue with trading for Magglio Ordonez, but the Tigers better be picking up some of that contract or it won’t happen. [Tampa Bay Sports Blog]
  • Another interview with the one writer that did not vote for Joe Maddon as Manager of the Year…We would have hated to see David Chalk’s reaction had Papa Joe not won the award. [Bugs and Cranks]



  1. Clayton says:

    Really enjoying Rays Prospects stuff of late. Rhyne Hughes looks like he killed it in Arizona. What's the deal with him? Pena's eventual replacement?

  2. Robert Rittner says:

    The only reason I would not replace Longoria at #1 with Upton is the contract issue. Should the Rays sign Upton to a long term contract I think he becomes #1 on the list.

  3. The Professor says:

    In my mind i think of Longoria and Price as 1a and 1b. If Upton gets a longterm deal he is right there in the mix and I might have to agree that he might nudge ahead a little bit. His upside is clearly higher and he plays a more premium position.

    I do worry about the whispers that he wants to go year by year through his arbitration seasons and then hit the market. On the other hand, I wonder if we will still hear those whispers after this past season.


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