• Ken Davidoff of Newsday is reporting that the Rays have some interest in the Mets’ Aaron Heilman…Heilman scares us because we think there is still a part of Heilman that wants to be a starting pitcher even though the Mets have kept in the bullpen the last 4 seasons. [MLB Trade Rumors]
  • Mets Fever wonders if the Mets could swing a deal with the Rays in which Aaron Heilman and Edwin Jackson are the main pieces. If the price is too high, they wouldn’t mind Heilman for Jonny Gomes, noting that “Heilman absolutely has to be moved, [they] don’t think he can succeed [with the Mets] and needs a change of scenery.” [Mets Fever]
  • A tale of two fans that roadtripped from Bloomington, Indiana to St. Pete for game 2 of the World Series. [Sixty Feet, Six Inches]
  • Creative Loafing takes a look at the impact of the Rays World Series run on the chances of gaining support for a new stadium. They feel that the increased support for the Rays may actually hurt their chances. [Creative Loafing]


  1. Joe G. says:

    Speaking as a former Mets fan, I would hate for the Rays to pick this guy up. He's had flashes when he was really good, but he's too inconsistent. I would rather have them trade EJ for a lefty specialist since they let Miller go.

  2. The Professor says:

    i am sure that is mostly talent, etc., but it still makes me wonder if his inconsistencies are at least in part due to his hating being a relief pitcher

  3. kyle says:

    The thought of giving up value for Heilman makes me sad.......we already have Dohmann and Hammel.

  4. The Professor says:

    the Rays won't give up anything of value. I think Gomes is the most the Rays would give up and even that might be iffy.

  5. Hazleton Jason says:

    If I recall the Rays have kicked the tires on Aaron Heilman for about 4 years now... I think he could be a steal... Just don't need him in the rotation.

  6. Clayton says:

    Good job by Creative Loafing to highlight the fact that the POWW folks want to make sure the Rays leave town. I just hope they don't get too far. Maybe just over a bridge...

  7. Jason from PA says:

    F*%$ POWW-
    Those idiots ruined the "dream". All POWW is a bunch of old fogies that wouldnt know a baseball if it hit em between the eyes...
    That waterfront has been a baseball stadium for over 50 years, whats the f'ing difference???

  8. joe g. says:

    Prof., if the Rays give up Gomes for Heilman, I would definitely take that deal. However, I don't see the Mets making that trade. They would be giving up someone significant to them and getting someone questionable in return.

  9. The Professor says:

    the Mets may look at it differently, but most Mets fans would tell you that it was addition by subtraction. Heilman (and the rest of the 'pen) was pretty awful this year.

  10. Curtiss Gibson says:

    Mets bullpen? Thanks, but no!

  11. stunna says:



  12. Ed Ryan says:

    High guys saw the link and stopped by listen Heilman was a first round pick that at times has been absolutely dominant with one of the nastiest change-ups in the league... he was jerked around by the mets and absolutely lost all his confidence, plus had a pitching coach (peterson) who taught nibbling corners instead of being aggressive which completely worked against himn .... Im not saying hes worth eJ straight up but somebodies going to get a nice starter

    This isnt my story but heres an excellent story on him for those interested thanks agree for souring me....


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