Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe is reporting that Rocco Baldelli met with the Red Sox last week.

According to major league sources, Baldelli, from Cumberland, R.I., met with the Red Sox at Fenway late last week to discuss his future and the effects of the mitochondrial disorder that limited him to 80 at-bats with the Rays last season.

We have previously heard Rocco’s name as a possibility for the Phillies. However, we suspect Rocco would prefer to sign with an AL club where he can DH. Rocco has stated that he believes he can play 100 games in 2009 if used as a DH.

This latest news of a meeting with the Red Sox has to be disconcerting to those hoping for Baldelli to resign with the Rays. While the Rays are notoriously tight-lipped about such matters, it has been a while since we heard any news of any ongoing negoatiations between Rocco and the ballclub.

On the Coast, it’s very clear [Boston Globe]
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  1. David G. says:

    wouldn't be surprised to see Rocco sign with the first team to offer him a major league contract. and my gut says that is going to be Boston. at this point i am not sure the Rays have any intention of offering Rocco anything more than a minor league deal, at least not until the free agent market starts to dry up.

  2. Rays Party Leader says:

    it's a shame he has to go to Boston, instead of the other 28 teams not called the Rays. The talent is still with Rocco, not sure why they can keep him as the DH. He can still hit lefties and play the outfield if they need him, not like Floyd. I hope they sign him again, he is the best option for DH, even if it is platooning with someone else.

  3. Possum Avenger says:

    I like Rocco as much as the next guy, but if he wants anything more than a two year contract at 2 million per I would prefer he sign elsewhere. There are plenty of guys we can sign (for the same money) who can mash lefties as well and who might actually be able to contribute in the field on a regular basis.

    I would also prefer he not go the red sox, mostly because I don't want to have to root against him all the time...not because I am worried about him being a huge asset for them

  4. Anonymous says:

    How much are we paying him now... rather, how much did we pay him this year, and how much would we be likely to pay him next year if he signed?

    Prof, would dropping him help us pick up someone else?

  5. The Professor says:

    Rocco made $2.25 million this past season. his original 2009 option was for $6 million which the Rays bought out for $4 million.

    So the Rays will only pay Rocco something less than $2 million. if they thought he was worth another $2 million (on top of the $4 million buyout), they would have just picked up his $6 million option. of course his condition was still a bit of a mystery when they had to decide about the option.

    in the end i think the Rays would prefer to keep the salary to about $1 million with some incentives for number of plate appearances or game played. that might bring the total up to about $2 million.

    but i also think they would prefer to sign him to a minor league deal with the $1 million only paid if he makes the major league roster. The Red Sox may decide to give him a major league deal and if it is more than $1 million it will probably get done.


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