Baseball America has the Rays’ list of minor league free agents…

The biggest name on this list is Joel Guzman. Guzman was the centerpiece of the deal that sent Julio Lugo to the Dodgers. In two years, Guzman appeared in 16 games for the Rays (all in 2007) going 9-37 with no home runs. Long known for his solid glovework and power potential, his bat just never caught up with the hype. In 242 games since being acquired, Guzman hit only 36 home runs, and posted an attrocious 220-to-42 strikeout-to-walk ratio to go along with his .281 and .276 OBP rates.

Nick DeBarr was a former Rule 5 pick (2006) by the Red Sox that was later returned when he did not make the major league roster.



  1. DirtbagFan says:

    Does the Guzman move lend leverage to the certainty of Aybar's presence on the roster?

    Or is it a non-factor?

  2. The Professor says:

    i only wonder if some other teams look at Aybar as an everyday player. if so, he could have some solid value in the trade market. even if he was moved, i doubt Guzman ever had a legit shot at the roster next season. too many holes in his swing.

  3. Hazleton Jason says:


    I need your approval and voice-
    We all know 7 Nation Army was pretty much just an idea tossed on here, that caught on to someone who mattered and now is played as almost an anthem for the Rays!

    I was hoping to see Scott Kazmir warm up to Led Zeppelin's Kashmir (I have always thought it was too close not to jump on) and was hoping for your approval!! That is if he is not traded in the offseason (you never know with World-B-Friedman at the wheel)


  4. Anonymous says:

    Yes! Every time I see Kaz take the mound (OK, maybe just a few times) I can hear the song and can see the terrified look on Jennifer Jason Leigh's face as she's sitting in Rat's car in Fast Times and Ridgemont High.

  5. The Ray Way says:

    do starting pitchers even warm up to specific music? i think it is just relief pitcher and even then sometimes it is just closers. besides. i think that walk up music for the batters and warm up music for the pitchers of the home team is picked by the individual players. it is usually something that gets them pumped up or something that means something to them personally.

  6. Hazleton Jason says:

    Ya he usually warms up to the rap song that was on that Nike Basketball commercial (cant remember the name off hand)

    I dont think it should be all the time, just every now and then!


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