Earlier today we linked to a video of several Rays receiving their Mohawks during the World Series from a stylist named LMontro.

While looking around LMontro’s website, we came across another Rays-related item. On Montro99’s website is this photo of Carlos Pena wearing a “Montro 99” wristband.

According to this Boston Globe piece, Pena wore the wristband because he considered LMontro a “lucky charm” (Here is a close-up of the wristband). A quick look around YouTube shows that LMontro is the “stylist for the baseball stars.”

While Pena may consider the wristband lucky, we wonder if Major League Baseball might consider it illegal. Wouldn’t the wristband be considered a form of advertising for the stylist? Unless the teams are playing in Japan, advertising on baseball uniforms is forbidden.

Here is Manny Ramirez wearing a similar wristband.

According to the above Boston Globe article, this is why Manny wore #99 while playing for the Dodgers.

Sounds like a case for Paul Lukas at UniWatch.

Montro99 is Carlos Peña’s “lucky charm” [Montro 99]



  1. Clayton says:

    It's 3:00 eastern. 40-man updates?

  2. The Professor says:

    nothing yet. several teams made their announcements yesterday. But true to the form of this front office, they are not making a decision until it is absolutely necessary


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