Depending on who you talk to, there is either a 70% or a 90% chance of rain during game 3 of the World Series. If game 3 is postponed, all three of the games in Philadelphia will be moved back a day. MLB will then eliminate the off-day between games 5 and 6. The final two games (if necessary) will still be held on their originally scheduled days (Wednesday, Thursday).

The biggest impact of the rainout would be on how the managers will shuffle the rotations. If game 3 is moved to Sunday, the teams could potentially play five games in five days. This means that either the teams will have to use a 5th starter in game 7 or they will have to bring back their game 3 starters on 3-days rest.

For the Rays it would mean a game 7 start for Matt Garza on three days rest or using 5th starter Edwin Jackson as a starter for the first time in the postseason.

The situation is more dire for the Phillies. They would have to choose between bringing 45-year old Jamie Moyer back on three days rest or starting a relief pitcher. The Phillies 5th starter, Kyle Kendrick is not on the postseason roster. [Ed. note: The Phillies could bring Cole Hamels back for game 3 on three days rest and then have him available again for game 7 on three days rest.]

Here is how the Rays rotation sets up without a rainout…

If game 3 is postponed, here is how the rotation sets up if Joe Maddon chooses not to make any changes…

As you can see both Scott Kazmir and James Shields will be on an extra day of rest. But the downside is Garza would only be on three days rest.

If game 3 is postponed, Maddon could choose to move Kazmir and Shields up a day to pitch on normal rest…

This scenario seems more likely if the Rays are trailing 2 games to 1 heading into game 4.

Of course Garza would still be on three days rest. The only other option seems to be starting Jackson in game 7. Jackson has not started a game since September 24. Maddon could also choose to start Garza on short rest and have David Price ready to go in the 4th/5th inning. This could all hinge on how many pitches Garza throws in game 3. If the Rays jump out to an early lead in game 3, Maddon may decide to go to the bullpen a little earlier than normal with an eye towards a potential game 7.



  1. DirtbagFan says:

    The "eye on game 7" concept seems to fly in the face of Maddon's "one game at a time" mentality.

    We are giving the Phils a ton of respect by even considering that there'll even be a game 7.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Reading this made my brain hurt. Its a good thing the Rays are going to win in 5.

  3. The Professor says:

    DBF, Maddon does play one day at a time but he also is always very prepared.

    the entire organization works in a manner in which they gather all the information analyze it, study it and prepare themselves to make a decision. But they never make that decision until they need to.

    The problem is those decisions usually have more than one option. In this case there is really only one option. So Maddon has to at least have that in the back of his mind. No way he wants to sell out in game 3 and then be caught with his pants down in game 7.

  4. Elijah's 6th Love Child says:

    Garza on 3 days rest does not scare me especially at the Trop. and even more so knowing Price would be waiting in the wings.

    What this tells me is the Phillies need to win this in 5 or 6 games, because they are screwed come game 7. And no way they are winning 3 of the next 4.

  5. Justin says:

    This means we need to strike while the iron is hot, and play like we did against the Orioles at the end of the season, and not like we did against Detroit.

  6. James says:

    on the positive side, Maddon can almost shuffle Shields/Kazmir/Sonnanstine in games 4/5/6 anyway he wants.

    All three have to start one of those games and the only combination he can't use is Shields in game 4.

    other than that Kazmir and Sonny could pitch any of the 3 games, just knowing that one of the two has to pitch game 4.

    It will be interesting to see how he handles it.

  7. Mark says:

    Tropicana Field doesn't have to worry about rain postponing World Series games.

    Take that, Major League Baseball. I hope it rains for 3 straight days in Philadelphia, even though that would drive us all crazy, just so people will see how much enclosed stadiums are needed, retractable or fixed roofs.

  8. Paul says:

    I think the author is doing Sonny a great disservice. Garza has been lights out for us this postseason, as has Sonny.

    Andy deserves at least a mention for his postseason exploits. And I say this as a BIG Garza fan. Him and Bartlett for Young? I hope Stu had a mask on when he stole those two 😉

  9. John says:

    Garza on 3 days rest is not as problematic as it might be. Win or lose, it would be the last game of the season. Everybody would be available out of the pen.


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