The St. Pete Times is reporting that Major League Baseball has already postponed tonight’s continuation of game 5. According to the press release from MLB, the game is tentatively scheduled for 8:37pm tomorrow (Wednesday). Don’t think Fox TV’s desire to keep “House M.D.” from being postponed was not a factor in this decision.

As for the Rays, this postponement means very little for the pitching staff. Joe Maddon will still go with Grant Balfour (or David Price) to start the final three and a half innings of game 5. Maddon will also likely stay with James Shields and Matt Garza as his games 6 and 7 starters.

One change could be the availability of the other starters in a potential game 7. If game 5 is completed tomorrow, games 6 and 7 would be held on Thursday and Friday (Halloween). Andy Sonnanstine would certainly be available on Friday (4 days rest) but conceivably he could also throw on Thursday in game 6 out of the bullpen. Also, Scott Kazmir could be available out of the bullpen in a potential game 7 (not that we would recommend that).

As for the Phillies, Charlie Manuel could choose to bring Cole Hamels back on three days rest to start a potential game 7. Hamels only threw 75 pitches last night.

Game 5 postponed … again [St. Pete Times]



  1. Anonymous says:

    The added postponement hurts us a little because Hamels will go in Game 7. Still, if King David can throw 5 shutout innings tomorrow night we will wipe out their bullpen. Madsen and Lidge can only pitch 2 innings each, and if they do they wont be available on Thursday. That gets us to Game 7, where Garza can do what he does to get the Rays our FIRST WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!

  2. DirtbagFan says:

    i admire all the optimism, but they've gotta wrap up game 5 before we worry about 6 and 7..

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Hazleton Jason says:

    This is bad news, because I can almost guarantee Hamels would pitch game 7... Very bad news... I know putting the cart before the horse is not a good idea, but....

  5. DirtbagFan says:

    It wouldn't break my heart to see the same pitcher for the 3rd time in 7 games; in game 1 he shut-em down, then yesterday he was slightly hittable, follow the trend...

    Our boys are good enough to figure him out if they were to see him 3 times in 11 days.

  6. MikeD says:

    I ain't scared of no Hamels, and I don't think the Rays are, even if (potential) game 7 ends up getting played on Halloween. That would be appropriate, anyway, for this weirdass series. Besides, the Rays got 6 hits off Hamels last night, and the Philthys only got 4 off Kaz, even with the constricted strike zone they were using for Kaz. I'm looking at this as an off day at a weird place, in the middle of a game instead of between two games. I think the Rays are on a roll that will continue when the game resumes, whenever it resumes. And, our starters will have some run support early, and will pitch much better as a result. Bring it, Philly! Rays in 7.


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