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THE GOOD: The Rays won 2 of 3 at The Trop North. After game 2 if you had been offered 2 wins in the next 3 at Fenway, you would have gladly signed and said let’s go home up 3 games to 2 with James Shields waiting to start game 6. How is this a bad thing?

THE BAD: The ******* TBS announcers. We all know they won’t have another baseball game for 11 months once this series is over, but do they have to openly root for the Red Sox? ****! For about 4 hours last night we thought we were watching a White Sox game and somehow Hawk Harrelson and Darrin Jackson had snuck into the booth…The Red Sox are clearly invincible. They won 1 of 3 home games and their $110 million pitcher got torched for 5 runs in 4 innings in the biggest start of his career. That is the stuff champions are made of.

THE TELLING: The Rays suck. They were unable to sweep 3 games at Fenway in the playoffs. Joe Maddon and the boys might as well just put up the white flag and go back to the cellar, because apparently the series is over with the Red Sox leading the ALCS 2 games to 3…The Rays have no more games at the Trop North, and instead will have to settle for 2 games at The Trop South with their top two pitchers…According to the Rays now have a 78.0% chance of winning the ALCS. Apparently the algorithm does not take into consideration the magical qualities of the Boston Red Sox. Normally it takes more than 2 victories to win an LCS, unless of course the team is the Boston Red Sox.


  • No links today. Let’s take a morning off and gather our senses and get ready to rock the Trop. Instead we will leave you with a diddy because we don’t give a hoot about what they think
  • And if you need a chuckle, try this bonus video…We like to imagine the game is at Fenway and the players are wearing Red Sox unis.



  1. Anonymous says:

    The announcers were rooting for the Red Sox last night? Maybe, but not unlike their rooting for the Rays the rest of the series. Perhaps they really were rooting for the story.

    I htink we can agree that Chip and Buck are bad enough that they have entered the class of Joe Buck, McCarver and Joe Morgan as equal parts annoying, ignorant and insufferable. Other sports have bad announcers, but none are dominated by incompetents like baseball. (well, there is john madden -- some would throw Dickie V in this category -- I wouldn't)

  2. Anonymous says:



    THE BAD: Maddon cannot finish off the Sox, manage a bullpen. We blow a 7-0 lead.

    That is the bad. Forget the TBS announcers, because they didn't blow the game. Maddon did.

  3. The Professor says:

    I know I know...But if I was going to break down everything that went "BAD" last night in the game, the post would have been 5,000 words long and I would already breaking into the liquor cabinet.

    Even worse than the bullpen cluster**** last night...why wasn't Fernando Perez in right field with a 7-0 lead? Maddon isn't saving him to use as a pinch-hitter. and I know Gross is usually an above-average right fielder with a strong arm, but the Rays didn't need his arm at 7-0. They needed an outfielder with range.

  4. Michael says:

    How do you figure Maddon blew the game? He didn't give up any 3-run homers. He used three relievers who have been among the best in the league this year and they got beat. It happens. You can quibble about individual matchups, but there's certainly no guarantee that Miller or Price would have gotten Drew or Oriz out or whatever. Again, the guys in the game were the best we had and they got beat.

    You're probably the kind of guy that thinks Maddon's an idiot for starting Kazmir instead of Shields last night, or that Friedman's a moron for not giving up the farm for Jason Bay.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Nope. I don't think those things.

    Maddon made a very bad decision in my opinion in keeping Balfour in, with no one warming up. Why not bring in a lefty? Or bring in Perez? Or not use Wheeler, who gives up HRs?

  6. The Professor says:

    Balfour didn't bother me. that has been his job since the all-star break. he got beat by one of the best in the game. my bigger problem is leaving Wheeler in so long. there are lefties in the pen and no shortage of arms. but again. I disagreed at the time. But it is Wheeler that has to get the job done and he didnt

  7. WiNKy Oconklin says:

    so many insane Fuck occurrences that defy Fuck logic/probability...

    i was going to list them... actually i started to & almost had an epileptic seizure. so Fuck it.

    i take full the full blame on this one, not Maddon, not the Fucking announcers... me.

    10:26 [Comment From Winky]
    big IF but how in the hell do i go about getting a World Series ticket???

    the greatest Blog-a-Baloo black magic voodoo Fuckity-Fuckin-Fuck jinx ever

    /broken shit count in my apartment

    -1 roommates chair thrown off balcony

    -1 sports plaque shattered by Louisville slugger

    -1 poster ripped into oblivion

    -all furniture upended

    //seriously not even kidding

    ///anger management soon to follow (i'm sending the bill to TBS)

    ////fuck count officially at (7), which also corresponds when it all started to go to shit, the lead we fucking blew, and possibly the seven signs of the appocolapse

  8. WiNKy Oconklin says:

    ...and i believe i just unknowingly made that the seventh comment.

    Fuck. (8)

  9. stunna says:

    What I don't understand is what Gabe Gross is doing on the playoff roster in the first place. He isn't bad, but he definitely isn't good. Gomes, or even Hinske, would have been a better choice IMO

  10. Justin says:

    Should we be worried that Maddon didn't close out that game?

  11. DirtbagFan says:

    RE: Stunna

    Gomes instead of Gross?? are you out of you're flippin' mind? did you watch Gomes play this year.. he CANNOT FIELD and his batting ave. was around .190 ... gomes is a AAAA player, at best.

    don't pin the loss on Gross not getting to that ball... i don't even think Perez gets to that ball (and if he did i doubt he could actually have snagged it).

  12. DirtbagFan says:


    That was freakin' ridiculous!! I knew we were screwed in the 9th when the announcers said "Pena has amazingly only hit into 2 double plays all year.." and then BAM!

    What, are they holding the controller to remote control baseballs?

    Here was the biggest homer statement of the series so far: in the 8th while Boston was at bat- the commentator (i can't remeber which one) said (and I quote):

    "If Boston comes back to win this game then we'll head back to the Trop for game 6, but if Boston loses then The Rays are headed to the world series..."

    Well isn't that nice of Boston to consider losing so that the Rays can go to the Series... call it semantics, but that is complete homer-ism... enfuriating!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Calling Fenway Park Tropicana North is the biggest cry for attention in writting I have ever read. You are a piece of shit for writting this. Say what you will about the team, the fans, and this incredible series we have on our hands. But, Fenway is Fenway. Non Sox fans will tell you that. Baseball survived the past 10 years because of a Red Sox Yankees rivalry. Tampa Bay should thank the Boston and New York fans for attempting to fill the joke of a stadium that is the Trop, or the Ray's wouldn't have been able to afford staying in the Bay Area. You Sir, are a joke. A cry for attention. I work in the Fire Service, I'm a firefighter. In my career, a term 2/20 gets thrown around a lot to label a rookie who have been around for 2 years and acts like a 20year guy. That is the Rays. No respect for what Baseball has given them, no respect for baseball history, and no class what so ever. Friendly rivalry is great, but when someone comes out, after 1, yes just 1 (a, single, lonesome, individual, and other synomnyms) decent season and becomes the wannabe bully of the baseball world.....Fuck you, fuck your ideas, fuck your website, fuck your town, and your fans. You have a great team, but a safe bet says a majority grew up cheering on the Red Sox. Win or lose this series, the Rays, in their very first national spotlight, have labeled themselves as dirtbags and classless, well done.

  14. James says:

    "I work in the Fire Service, I'm a firefighter" is the biggest cry for attention I have ever heard. I bet you are one of those guys that doesn't go anywhere without a firefighter t-shirt.

    dude, thanks for helping people out and all. but when we are talking baseball, nobody gives a fuck what you do for a living.

  15. The Professor says:

    The Rays have won 4 of their last 5 games in Fenway. 80% win percentage. Teams usually only do that in their HOME park. Fenway sure seems like a home-away-from-home right now.

    now put your pink hat back on and go away.

  16. PTownFan says:

    Whew! That was a long 30 minutes. Let's do what the Rays have done all year... trip on it for a half hour and move on to the next one. It's worked.

    The Rays will win it at The Trop and do the old girl proud.

  17. The Professor says:

    I will never understand the fascination with Red Sox fans and Yankees fans to somehow prove that they are a "better" or "more loyal" fan. Why is this important? Who the fuck cares? Root for your team. Why do get so fucking worked up about how other people root for their teams? Some people need to reassess their priorities in life

  18. Anonymous says:

    James, it was stated to make a reference to how I see the Rays fans.

    Professor, please don't post the same reply on two different pages, it's just not respectable.

  19. The Professor says:

    you come on my site and say "Fuck you, fuck your ideas, fuck your website, fuck your town, and your fans." and i am the one that is not being "respectable"?

    Piss off. If I feel the need to put the same comment in two different threads, I will do it and I don't give a piss what the hell you think I should do on my website.

  20. steve-o1285 says:

    Don't worry about these a-holes, we won't see them again after game 6.

    The TBS announcers make me some damn glad I'm going to game 6. I really didn't expect anything less, but it still pisses me off. But whatever, it just makes it that much better when we shut their asses up.

  21. steve-o1285 says:

    Grammar fail...*so damn.


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