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THE GOOD: Andy Sonnanstine. Sonny versus Edwin Jackson? Game, Set, Match. Is there any doubt that Sonnanstine will be in rotation in ’09 now? In the last month, The Duke has faced 3 crucial starts, 2 against the Red Sox and yesterday’s ALDS game 4 versus the White Sox. In those 3 starts Sonny has gone 18.2 innings and given up 10 hits, 3 walks, 16 strike outs and 2 earned runs. This just in: That’s pretty good. We have so much confidence in Sonny right now that we are disappointed that he won’t pitch in the ALCS until game 4…The Bullpen. 11.2 innings, 1 run in the series…BJ Upton. Yeah. He is feeling it…Boston winning ALDS. Early in the series we were openly rooting for the Angels. But now? We are glad the Sox are in the ALCS. If the Rays are going to the World Series, it is only fitting that they beat the Sox (again) on the way.

THE BAD: How many times this season has the MLBiverse started doubting the Rays after a single loss? And every time the Rays rise to the occasion and WIN. Apparently the respect and the benefit of the doubt won’t come until the Rays win the World Series and Stuart Sternberg raises the trophy…Having to wait three days for the ALCS…Carl Crawford was hit in the face with a bat swung by Dioner Navarro prior to the game. Crawford was OK and allowed to play…Evan Longoria is now 1-12 with 6 Ks since starting the series 3-3 with 2 home runs.

THE TELLING: During our Blog-A-Baloo (Lite) last night we had Bobby Fenton of 1010 Sports in one ear. He was supposed to be hosting a Bucs show, but he had the Rays game in front of him on a TV. Every time he tried to talk about the Bucs, the poor guy sounded like an executive trying to lead a budget meeting in Mons Venus…The Rays now have 100 wins on the season…Today is Evan Longoria’s 23rd birthday…The Heater has the ALCS schedule. Game 1 is 8pm on Friday and game 2 is Saturday at 7:30pm…According to the Rays have a 48.7% chance of winning the ALCS, with the most likely outcome being a Red Sox win in 6 games.


  • Finally somebody gets it! Ken Rosenthal says: “Anyone who thinks the Rays are merely a product of high draft picks isn’t paying attention.” [Fox Sports]
  • Scott Merkin says Andy Sonnanstine pitched to the White Sox weakness. [MLB]
  • Joe Smith says that all Andy Sonnanstine does, is win. [St. Pete Times]
  • Mike Lowell was removed from the Red Sox roster prior to game 4. He will not be available for the ALCS. [Sox & Dawgs]
  • Joey Johnston says the Rays are one step closer to being the best story…Ever. [Tampa Tribune]
  • Rob Quinn grades the Rays’ performance in the ALDS. []
  • Brittany Ghiroli breaks down some Rays facts and figures. [MLB]
  • Before the game, BJ Upton told Cliff Floyd he could “taste it” and that he felt “good”. Floyd says Upton could be a hall of famer. [St. Pete Times]
  • Nathan Haynes who played 20 games for the Rays early in the season has been granted free agency. [Baseball America]
  • Dan Shaughnessy says this generation of Red Sox fans think of the postseason as a birthright, a far cry from where this franchise came from. [Boston Globe]
  • Grant Balfour is getting some love down under. [Melbourne Herald-Sun]
  • The Chicago Tribune says the Rays clubhouse looked like a frat party and Cliff Floyd promises that the Rays are not done. [Chicago Tribune]
  • The National Post of Canada says Andrew Friedman is part of the “new generation of savvy execs.”…We can’t help but think that Friedman is in a class of his own. [National Post]
  • Hmm? Yet another article breaking down how the Rays were built. [MLB]


  1. Anonymous says:

    Do not take seriously anything the Boston Globe's Dan Shaughnessy says. He is a hack's hack and why the Globe continues to glorify him with Page 1 status is a mystery. He has no more "finger on the pulse" of Red Sox fans than you do, and probably less.

    That said, I'm looking forward to a great series between our two clubs.

  2. Hazleton Jason says:

    God--- please don't ever let this season end...


    The feel of this is sooo good...

  3. stunna says:

    ^^^ Amen to that.

    I don't want to see it come to an end! Even if we do win it all, this year has just been way too much fun. GO RAYS!

  4. DirtbagFan says:

    I move to make the baseball season start on Dec 2 with November set aside for Autumn training...


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