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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am so tired of the media dumping on the Trop

  2. The Professor says:

    How far has Gabe Gross fallen. Rocco Baldelli is starting tonight even though he rarely started against righties since coming back and has never faced Myers

  3. The Professor says:

    My pick for Todd Kalas Pimp Daddy Player of the Game is Cliff Floyd who has 3 career home runs off of Myers

  4. The Professor says:

    interesting that the Phils are not going with Matt Stairs at DH considering he is one of the few guys on the roster that has ever even faced Shields and he has a home run.

  5. Elijah's 6th Love Child says:

    My TKPDPotG is BJ Upton. Dude was killin it last night and is ready to break out. 2 home runs tonight.

  6. Charles says:

    I’m with Elijah on this one. B.J. is ready to bring the hugeness tonight.

  7. Bradenton John says:

    It would be nice to see a Rays starter get through the 1st 2 batters in less than 10 pitches

  8. Anonymous says:

    that would be nice…but i’ll take 3 consecutive outs

  9. The Professor says:

    swing and miss on the change is a good sign early

  10. Anonymous says:

    So are you not happy with the Rocco choice, Prof?

  11. The Professor says:

    not at all. it is just odd. Maddon seems to just be hoping that somebody will step up in right field and it is pretty obvious he has little confidence in Gross right now

  12. The Professor says:

    i can tell i haven’t watched a lot of Phillies games this year…When the hell did Brett Myers eat one of the bat boys. Dude is huge.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t BJ’s swing look tenative? — Nevermind

  14. The Professor says:

    what a great jump by Upton.

  15. James says:

    sometimes it is good when the other team hits the ball hard. if he hits that any softer it is 2 runs

  16. Elijah's 6th Love Child says:

    39 pitches in 2 innings is not so good

  17. Anonymous says:

    The Prof LOVES BJ!

  18. The Professor says:

    that’s what she said

  19. The Professor says:

    I also love The Fat Catcher

  20. cyl says:

    why don’t they show the swing from the other side of the plate? and who else hates mccarver?

  21. bradenton john says:

    The punch out walk is Kerwins way of saying Philly balk

  22. The Professor says:

    everybody hates mccarver

  23. The Professor says:

    2 outs. gotta send Baldelli. took a perfect throw.

  24. cyl says:

    nice bowl over attempt baldy!

  25. Charles says:

    Baldelli didn’t have much of a chance there, I think Ruiz has about 70 pounds on him.

  26. bradenton john says:

    God … I hope the Roc is OK …. Everyone should love the Roc!

  27. Possum Avenger says:

    Myers has very similar splits between righties and lefties. Thus, Gross offered no advantage (maybe defense) over Baldelli.

  28. cyl says:

    Aki: talk about quietly doing a ton for the Rays

  29. Anonymous says:

    Um, Prof?

    We’re up by three.

    So why did our hitters throw that inning away?

  30. bradenton john says:

    Its starting to rain

  31. cyl says:

    i think it’s time for james to make an adjustment for howard

  32. Charles says:

    Tim McCarver makes me think I could be a sportscaster. Which, if you knew me, no way in hell.

  33. cyl says:

    tim mccarver makes everyone think they can be a sportscaster :p

  34. Anonymous says:

    Here is Howards spray chart courtesy of our buddies in beantown:

  35. Scot says:

    Evening… I guess one could say about Baldelli being thrown out it took a perfect through – however the Rays lead MLB in getting thrown out at the plate.

    Did you hear about how Baldelli’s legs start to burn about the 7th inning. No wonder he is exhausted.

  36. Scot says:

    Booo hisssss – bunts are evil! I thought Maddon knew this. At least it was a safety squeeze.

  37. The Professor says:

    sacrifices are evil. Maddon loves squeezes

  38. The Professor says:

    leadoff walks suck

  39. The Professor says:

    Shields change is much MUCH better tonight than game 6 of ALCS

  40. The Professor says:

    Shields is already up around 75 pitches. probably will be done after 6

  41. bradenton john says:

    Everyone was all gooey about Hamel last night. James doesn’t look all that bad.

  42. cyl says:

    Everybody Loves Baldy! Who’s tired?

  43. The Professor says:

    that double play by Rocco helped Shields’ pitch count. Only 80 now. Might get into the 7th afterall.

  44. Luis says:

    the rays need to hit more

    too many dramatic top of the innings cept’ 1st

    let’s be frank as a batter evan has been PATHETHIC in the series so far (here’s hoping maddon straightens him up on the trip to philly)

    plus, man where were these rays in game 1? was Hamels that good? (even though it was a close game)

  45. Scot says:

    This is great – found the FOX fan cam on the MLB website – now I can watch the game – though the video cutting is erratic.

    Yes – Longo is “due”, but so is Pena and Upton. Rays should be blowing the Phillies pitchers out of the water.

  46. The Professor says:

    that short hop by Upton probably saves a run…same with the deflected ball stopped by Aki in 4th

  47. cyl says:

    I love how I’m seeing someone always backing up BJ – was that Rocco?

  48. Luis says:

    theyre outhitting us…not good

  49. The Professor says:

    yep Rocco. Zobrist had one last night also on a ball that got by Upton

  50. Luis says:

    can a brotha’ get a 1-2-3 inning rays defense?

  51. cyl says:

    Wasn’t that a great defensive game by Zobie? Third time playing RF! Has he played other OF positions?

  52. Luis says:

    they can get more hits and 1-2-3 innings then us…not good enough for me, we’re up 4-0 and im still biting my nails

    darn alcs game 5

  53. The Professor says:

    Zobrist actually played 21 games in the OF this season. not sure how many of those were starts though and 14 were in LF

  54. Anonymous says:

    Prof, doe this game worry you at all?

    No HRs.

    Not a huge amount of runs so far at home,

    I’m a little worried about going into Philly.

  55. The Professor says:

    Stick with Wheeler. it is 9-1-2…righty, switch, righty. and the Switch (Rollins) is about the same from both sides of the plate

  56. The Professor says:

    likely see Price if Utley gets up (4th batter)

  57. cyl says:

    i don’t like that rocco had to sit down before going out to the field. he should come out and rest

  58. The Professor says:

    i’m surprisingly calm about this game…they just look like they are cruising right now. couple of breaks and close calls. but no runs. good baseball even if not a lot of hits. think this bodes well for game 3.

    Stella got her groove back. only thing missing is the home runs

  59. cyl says:

    hopefully that was the only cardiac moment…

  60. Mark says:

    If the Rays can score runs without having to hit home runs, I think that’s a good thing.

    Then when they decide to drop some bombs on the Phillies’ pitching staff, that’ll be better.

  61. The Professor says:

    with Rocco having just batter.. surprised Fernando or (gasp) Gabe Gross is not in RF to give Rocco a break. but i guess they have the day off tomorrow so rest then

  62. Anonymous says:

    Why does Maddon tempt fate with Wheeler?

  63. Luis says:

    wheeler is screwing things up…again

  64. The Professor says:

    Wheeler? lead is safe right now and 2 of first 3 are righties. Not saying it is right. But that is the thinking

  65. Scot says:

    I can’t tell – anyone warming up?

  66. The Professor says:

    i know he walked the lead off guy but Wheeler’s pitches look as good as i have seeen in a while. Lots of good movement and they are down in the zone

  67. Scot says:

    I say this because after Werth is NL’s version of ARod (lefty though) and some other lefty.

  68. Scot says:

    Say Wheeler – who does not look bad – gets Werth – leave him in? Only 2 runs could be scored….

  69. The Professor says:

    i dont think so. has close to 30 pitches

  70. Luis says:

    hopefully price lights em’ up the way he has in the alcs

    a 4-0 lead, 7 outs from tiying the series…too nervous

    i hope the rays play like this in philly all we need is 1 road win to take it back to st.pete

  71. Scot says:

    You are correct – good call, did not see pitch count – and there is your answer. Crowd seemed to appreciate Wheeler’s performance. One of the nice features about this coverage on the internet is that we see the entire pitching change. Maddon was talking to most of his infielders on a one-by-one basis.

    Now for a complaint – the advertisement time is getting ridiculous! I was away for 10 minutes between innings and only missed one batter.

  72. The Professor says:

    Balfour is now warming up

  73. Scot says:

    Intentional non-intentional? Or is he wild?

  74. The Professor says:


  75. The Professor says:

    Price is mad at himself. never seen this side before. Not quite Balfour mad. more annoyance.

  76. cyl says:

    i wonder what he’s screaming into his glove.

  77. Luis says:

    good stuff from price there after walking the 1st

    the bad? theyre still otuhitting us and getting out of the bottom easily, im sick of these dramatic top of the innings

  78. The Professor says:

    Myers only has 76 pitches

  79. cyl says:

    let’s all thank Fox for giving us the ever-important bullet point regarding what BJ stands for :)

  80. Luis says:

    home umpires have been erratic so far this series, not good

  81. The Professor says:

    wonder if they would have bothered telling the world what CC stands for in Sabathia’s name. Not likely.

  82. Luis says:

    im really PISSED w/ how easy they defend and how dramatic our top of the innings have been,i cant say that enough

    6 more outs, 4-0 lead and i’m still not confident, it feels like its a 1 run game to me and im hoping theyll improve when they get to philly

  83. The Professor says:

    Luis. Love ya dude, but you crack me up. I am trying to imagine you ordering food at a restaurant and then worrying for the next 15 minutes that it is either going to come out as the wrong food or it will be overcooked. maybe pace near the table a little. a little random commentary to the neighboring tables about how worried you are and how maybe you should just go to McDonalds

  84. Luis says:

    homer, not good

    im freaking out

  85. cyl says:

    We’ve got 3 runs to work with. Balfour closing?

  86. Luis says:

    lol ya prof im very pessimistic when my team has the pressure to win

    you should have seen me during the lightning’s comeback down 3-2 to win the stanley cup, hehe i was about to have a heart attack lol

  87. Scot says:

    Luis buddy – have a nice glass of Pinot or maybe Joe can recommend a good Merlot.

    The game is essentially over – coming back from 7 run deficit is a once in a 5 year event. Coming back from a 3 run deficit… well, that happens more frequently.

    I think they are playing, between innings, your Seven Nation song, Prof.

  88. Luis says:

    3 more outs and we go back to philly w/ anything possible at a tied series needing just 1 road win to take it back to the trop

    i know they can.

    i know they can.

    i know they can.

  89. The Professor says:

    Is Jonny Gomes drunk?

    That entire conversation with Sonny reminded my of every conversation I have ever had with a really drunk person and you just sit there agreeing and giggling and hoping the other person gets distracted by something shiny

  90. Scot says:

    Gomes drunk? What did I miss?

  91. The Professor says:

    Gomes mic’d in the dugout talking about people visiting from europe and being freaked out about the mohawks and such

  92. Luis says:

    wtf was that?!

  93. The Professor says:

    Howell and Bradford both starting to warm up

  94. Scot says:

    Longo booted that one just for us… Got to make it exciting.

  95. Scot says:

    …. Phillies still have a chance…. its not over yet…. oh… nevermind.

  96. Luis says:

    too dramatic getting guys, got outhit i believe, and 4-2 felt like 4-3, horrible errors

    that said we win and we go into philly w/ the series tied, hopefully we’ll still at least 1 there

  97. cyl says:

    how funny does that reporter look dwarfed in between shields and price

  98. Robert Rittner says:

    Apparently Myers has a strange split in that he has had more luck with lefties than righties (while Hamels has done better against righties.) So Maddon decided to hold out Rocco from last night’s game since he could not play two straight and insert him tonight. I think it is more a strategic decision based on splits than it is a lack of confidence in Gross although I am sure that is also a factor.

    Actually, the split is quite substantial-righties have over 100 points of OPS better than lefties do against Myers this year and are substantially better for his career as well. And lefties have hit substantially better against Hamels both this year and for his career. (Although Maddon did not turn Zobrist around as some thought he might.)

  99. Robert Rittner says:

    Joe Sheehan at BP offers reasonable arguments as to why my view of what Maddon did in RF (and why) is wrong.

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