No live blog…but let’s throw this up in front of the “Pepper” post which is too long for comments.



  1. The Professor says:

    I think Perez would have caught that home run

  2. The Professor says:

    is it wrong that I look and see Scott Kazmir with 19 pitches in the first and I think out loud “Not bad”?

  3. Anonymous says:

    2-0 In 1st Inning

    Game Over

  4. Elijah's 6th Love Child says:

    Can somebody please explain to this idiot that Kazmir’s name is not “Cashmere”

  5. The Professor says:

    Phillies catch first break of series with Victorino called safe at second on pickoff attempt

  6. The Professor says:

    Upton with the lazy throw!

  7. Elijah's 6th Love Child says:

    wonder if he was showing off his arm needlessly on that throw?

  8. The Professor says:

    will somebody please explain to me the difference between a utility player and a “super utility” player?

  9. Anonymous says:

    “super utility” player has God on his side

  10. The Professor says:

    55 pitches through 3

  11. Charles says:

    Bossman looks locked in tonight – from the minute they introduced him.

  12. The Professor says:

    hit it hard…if you want the positive spin. just a matter of time for Upton

  13. The Professor says:

    71 pitches through 4…finally get a little pitch management from Kaz and he is losing

  14. PTownFan says:

    SuperUtility Player: One who only has one (1) start in his assigned position prior to the World FRICKIN Series who is also known to hit random, but timely home runs.

  15. cougar says:

    is it me or are the bounces/calls going phillies way tonight? a couple check swing basehits for them…while bj drills a ball with bases loaded…straight to the 3rd baseman. not only that, but victorini picked off at 2nd, utley coulda been called out in the 1st on strike 3…and no runners interference?

  16. James says:

    and yet the Rays are still only down 2

  17. PTownFan says:

    We just need two hits at the top/middle of the order and we’re good. Then Navi won’t swing for the fences like he used to and we’ll have a big inning.

    And Bartlett just won us all a free Taco. We’ll be OK

  18. PTownFan says:

    There’s one. From PTownJr’s hero, Aki Dawg. 3 for 3.

  19. The Professor says:

    #9 and #1 hitters have been on base all 5 plate appearances so far. Gotta like that.

  20. The Professor says:

    and lefties are 4-7 tonight (Crawford, Aki, Pena) with a home run and both RBI

  21. The Professor says:

    awful job by the fans on that foul ball. you absolutely cannot let Howard catch that ball in the stands!

  22. TP says:

    Is it crazy that I just cannot wait til Lidge has to face Upton, Pena, Longoria?


  23. The Professor says:

    110 pitches for Kid K…that should be his last batter

  24. cougar says:

    not a bad game by kid k. he wasn’t in shut down mode…but he did hold the Phillies to 3 runs. im sure he wants 1 pitch back…

  25. The Professor says:

    so much for that “great” philly defense tonight. at this rate, I can’t wait to get to their “great” bullpen

  26. Scot says:

    Hamels looks tough – the key is to get to the bullpen (how the hell is it considered better than the Rays?) – regardless about the error, the Rays need to take pitches…

  27. cougar says:

    please refer to my first comment regarding this ball/strike calls and the missed balk…ugh

  28. Scot says:

    Missed it Prof – from where are you watching the game? (P.S. Rays need runs, so I’m eating…)

  29. The Professor says:

    at home for 1 and 2

  30. Scot says:

    Cougar – are you saying that since the umps where unable to help the Red Sox from winning the ALCS, that they are angry and are going to make sure the Phillies win? 8-)

  31. cougar says:

    no im not saying that cause well….the rays are already here. won’t make a difference.

    but the umps are missing some calls badly….really badly. at this point of the season, you can’t let a pitcher break towards home and throw to first. thats a big call at that stage of the game

    i was also talking about the bounces and the breaks…not just the calls. the phillies are getting all these bs singles on check swings…its killing me

  32. Scot says:

    Probability update – 70% chance of Phillies win.

  33. Scot says:

    Prof – this is killing me. Are you planning to conduct a live blog tomorrow night? I have to give a midterm, so I’ll be in my office an no where near a TV. Does it require a great deal of your attention? Seen any Phillies trolls?

  34. cougar says:

    grant strike3′s offseason goal: learn a changeup

  35. The Professor says:

    has the on screen radar readings been doing that red-fire thing all night? or is that just when it goes over 95?

  36. The Professor says:

    i might set up a live blog lite, but it wouldnt be much more than this. just random musings as opposed to a play-by-play. I feel like I have ADHD in these playoff games.

  37. The Professor says:

    if balfour developed a change it would be game over. that wouldnt be fair.

  38. The Professor says:

    Balfour actually once started a game for the Twins. could you imagine that intensity as a starting pitcher? his head would explode

  39. cougar says:

    balfour started a game? i really would love to see the video of that game and see what he actually looked like on the mound.

    and yes prof…the red thing only comes up with 95+ pitches. im still waiting for scooter to explain that to me

  40. TP says:

    I feel no confidence when 6-8 comes up. Why isn’ Baldelli in?

  41. The Professor says:

    Here is the Boxscore from Balfours one career start in 2003.


  42. Scot says:

    Based on the past data, if someone came to you at the beginning of the year and said Grant Balfour – the guy with the Tommy John surgery – would produce one of the greatest seasons for a reliever in the history of the MLB, you would tell them to stop smoking crack. Its nice to see him smash bats with his pitches given his performance in the ALCS. Hopefully, the Mad Aussie is back. We only need one run.

  43. cougar says:

    lol at 5 walks and 68 pitches through 2.2

    btw…anyone else noticing that chevy chase is getting more tv time than he has seen since the phillies last won the world series?

  44. TP says:

    I’m feeling something big from Aki here.

  45. SavannahRays says:

    Announcers can’t see there own pitch track – strike two to AKI clearly a ball — All of Phillies pitches called strikes – does not look like that JP/Scott or Grant got any close strikes

  46. TP says:

    SOrry. Still I’d be happy with that AB if it were the first half of the game.


  47. Scot says:

    Ouch… that was a key inning. At least Aki did a nice job attempting to reach base… being patient. Pena / Longoria will need to try to go deep. Interesting that Balfour is still out there.

  48. TP says:

    Don’t like that walk. Why not let Miller take his chances with the two lefties?

  49. Scot says:

    Anyone see the Mad Aussie yell “F**K” after walking Utley (a move I generally don’t agree with).

  50. The Professor says:

    Utley hits lefties pretty well. his numbers are pretty close versus righties and lefties. 930 OPS v RHP and about 890 versus LHP

  51. The Professor says:

    Howard is only 745 OPS v LHP

  52. TP says:

    To reiterate, I am psyched for Lidge to come in. Guy strikes me as mentally fidgety as they come.

  53. TP says:

    3-4-5 here, let’s do this thing.

  54. Scot says:

    I agree Prof, after Utley, the Phillies line up falls off fast.

  55. The Professor says:

    i’d say he is due to blow one

  56. Scot says:

    Crawford just stepped back a bit from the plate. He is expecting inside. Good call for the Phillies – go outside.

  57. The Professor says:

    their best pitcher. rays third pitcher. and they got every break tonight and still only won by 1 run. i’m not worried

  58. TP says:

    OK, this loss, while it hurts, is not the end of the world. It’s Hamels, their best SP by a long shot. I have no doubt about the Rays’s ability to get after Myers, Moyer, or Blanton.

    See y’all tomorrow.

  59. Anonymous says:

    seruies over

    somuch for 4-11

  60. Hazleton Jason says:

    Im sorry, but that was one of the worst umpired games I have ever seen- the “balk” and subsiquent strikeout (in a pitch 6 inches inside) of Longoria lost us the game… I kind of thought we’d lose this one- but I thought the breaks were pretty bad, Victorino was out on th pick and everything- just frustrating all around

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