Your 2008 American League Champions: The Tampa Bay Rays!

For the 99.2% of Red Sox Nation that are actually good sports and classy. Well done. Great series. It means so much to dethrone such a great organization. It means so much that we took down the best. We are sure you guys will be back next season and it won’t be any easier.

For the other portion of the Pink Hat Nation that lacks class, we present a gift for you…



  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Clayton says:

    Like I said in the other thread:


  3. Possum Avenger says:

    Alright boys. 4 More wins. Let's go!

    And fuck all the red sox fans.

  4. Luis says:

    down goes the nation

    time to come after philly fan

    the tbscrew looks like theyre gonna cry

  5. WiNKy Oconklin says:

    i love you motherfuckers.

    ...that is all

  6. The Professor says:

    Winky, i know I can always count on you. Perfect comment to the perfect night. Good night. Mrs. Prof awaits.

  7. stunna says:

    YES! What a game. What an amazing night. This victory is just too sweeeeeet! Just four more wins to end the season of a lifetime. GO RAYS!!!

  8. Jordi says:

    Holy schnikeys!

    Absolute madness at the Press Box in South Tampa. Just amazing.

    Game 2 here I come!

    Conquered the dynasty and downed a nation!

  9. Hazleton Jason says:

    Thank you baby jesus- I'll be having my lunch every noon-time at third base sandwich this week for good luck, maybe I can get Mrs. Maddon to bless my sub =)

    I love everyone tonight!!!! thanks Rays, Bucs and Nittany Lions for making my weekend complete! This season is so beautiful!

  10. Jim says:

    Thank you Professor for a great blog to follow the Rays on all season.

    Bring on the fighting Phils.

  11. cougar says:

    this is crazy. every time this team face adversity, they prevailed. this team deserves the pennant. im so pumped. see you all in tampa this week, im booking flights tomorrow.


  12. Jesus Shuttlesworth says:

    Great blog, great season, great comments.

    This is a great way to set off the next few years of a huge Rays/Sox rivalry.

  13. Scot says:

    Instead of champagne, tonight we toast all the Italian Americans on the Rays with Prosecco. To Rocco Baldelli who provided a key single and to Giuseppe Maddoninni (Joe Maddon).

    Sleep well gentlemen - you deserve several hours of rest.

    PS. I have been following baseball for nearly 40 years. I can not think of a team who continues to return from certain death (as stated by the experts) as the Rays. I has been a fun season no matter how it ends.

    Prediction - Rays in 6, however I wouldn't be surprised by a sweep.

  14. Anonymous says:

    David Price is all world.

  15. Scot says:

    Note - going into game 7, TB was the underdog because it Lester - a top lefthanded pitcher. (Rays hit righties better.)

    Now because of the multiple lefties on the Phillies, particularly Hamels, the Rays will be considered underdogs for the series.

    I guess the Rays will simply roll over like they have all season.

    Anyone catch Pena on the radio talking about throwing out all the papers in the clubhouse after the game 5 meltdown?

  16. Scot says:

    A followup... the WS is the third series that the Rays, even with homefield advantage, are/were classified as underdogs. (A very small amount for the ChiSox series, but a definite underdog for the BosSox series.)

    So another toast to the Rays for winning twice against one of the best pitchers (and a lefty) in MLB.

  17. Anonymous says:

    conmgrats to the rays. yall won the series (the red sox didnt lose it)


    "And fuck all the red sox fans."

    listen: as someone that lived in tampa (though grew up in new england), and as someone that has been to more rays games than most of yall (seasin ticket holder for a few years, and went when no one else did) - i get the anti-pathy towards red sox fans. we have long taken over the trop. we have been a pretty much perennial (save 2005) playoff team. we have kicked your ass for years.

    but your "fanbase" is a recent development. when the rays were kicking ass in july, the bandwagon wasnt half full. im hoping when next year comes around, you guys actually average more than 23k fans a game

    and for most rays fans, the kind of vitriol displayed, like this person i quoted, is a little much. frankly, it takes more than 4 months to gain that kind of hatred. thiough i heard that being anti-boston is trendy

    enjoy the world series. price is beast, plain and simple. i wont be enjoying him for the next few years

  18. Anonymous says:

    and wow, sorry for the typos. long series, im tired/hungover

  19. James says:

    really? that's your comment this morning?

    Here is a quote from a Red Sox troll on this site a couple of days ago.

    "Fuck you, fuck your ideas, fuck your website, fuck your town, and your fans"

    And there were plenty more where that came from. And sorry if it took the Bay Area 11 years to grow a fan base. It only took the Red Sox about 110 years.

  20. Possum Avenger says:

    Dear Anonymous Douchebag,

    I have been a Rays fan for eleven years. If you click on my user name you will see that I had a blog going about the Rays during spring training this I don't want to hear all this "have only been a fan since July" bullshit.

    You are one righteous asshole to sit here and try to tell me I can't hate the Red Sox. I have hated the Red Sox since well before 2004. Why? Because too many of their fans (like yourself) are assholes.

    FUCK YOU!!!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, they don't root for your team, therefore, they must be assholes. I'm sure that in about 48 hours all the Phils fans will be assholes too. I think you both need to grow up.

  22. The Professor says:

    If Phillies fans start coming here in droves and dropping 63 kazillion f-bombs and N-words (all deleted) then Yes, Phillies fans will be assholes also. But I doubt that will be a problem

  23. Anonymous says:

    Why is it that possum can drop the "F" bomb but the other team's fans can't. You get what you give. Again: everyone needs to grow up.

  24. Elijah's 6th Love Child says:


    do us a favor. next time use the name "Holier Than Thou" so we can distinguish you from the rest of the trolls that think they are better than everybody else.

  25. Possum Avenger says:

    I'm not going on to Red Sox Blogs and yelling at their fans. You guys came here. Take it or leave.

  26. Holier than thou says:

    You personally may not be doing that, but you don't think other Rays fans are? Does that make those Rays fans assholes too? And, again, you've set down a marker here that lewd comments are perfectly ok from the Rays fans and then you get all huffy when that is exactly what you get in return. You don't want f-bombs dropped, then don't use them period. Again: everyone grow up.

  27. Holier than thou says:

    Oh, and by the way, I take it that "you guys" is a reference to Sox fans. I happen to (somewhat ashamed to admit) be an Orioles fan but I always enjoy looking at news and blogs etc. of winning teams fans - just to kind of get a feeling for what it may be like for me one of these days if we can ever get Mr. Angelos the hell out of dodge. All I'm saying here is look: I'm an outsider to your community and I come here and see all these "F the Sox fans" comments and to me, that says that that kind of behavior is tolerated on this blog. It's your blog, and you can have a one-way street if you want, but don't call the other teams fans assholes just because they respond in kind. That's all.

  28. The Professor says:

    the difference between the Rays fans using them is that they are on here doing it in reaction to all the Red Sox fans that have come on here with classless comments. We are not going to some Red Sox site and dropping f-bombs.

    This is a Rays site. And we don't need other people coming into our house acting like a schmuck.

    another thing I don't need: Is an Orioles fan lecturing me on how to run my site. You said your peace. Now please leave.

  29. Flip Washington says:

    Dear Tampa Fans,

    Please go easy on the cowbell during the series. It makes it so fucking hard to cheer for your team when watching/listening on TV. At the very least, take the cowbell away from the guy who sits near the field mics. He has no rhythm.

    And to Dickie V . . . thanks for all the reach arounds.

    Coach K

  30. WiNKy Oconklin says:

    If Phillies fans start coming here in droves and dropping 63 kazillion f-bombs and N-words (all deleted) then Yes, Phillies fans will be assholes also. But I doubt that will be a problem

    soooooo underrating the city of philadelphia professor... you are talking about a fanbase that had to have a jail installed inside of the Vet, and Lincoln Financial Field, lol

  31. The Professor says:

    good point Winky. But that is football and while there is obviously a lot of overlap, there is some separation. Just like there are people in the bay area that are more of a Bucs fan or more of a Rays fan, it may be even more pronounced in Philadelphia. And while I agree that some Iggles fans can be the absolute worst class of fans, I have never really seen that with the Phillies fans. But we will soon see.

  32. Anonymous says:

    It was all because of me:

    Go Rays

  33. Anonymous says:

    "We are not going to some Red Sox site and dropping f-bombs."

    actually, that was real commonplace when the rays were up 3-1. after game 5 and 6, didnt hear a peep from TB trolls on red sox sites. this morning? f bombs from rays fans - most of whom werent rays fans before june - were commonplace this morning

    the difference between the two fan bases, besides length, and size: our percentage of pink hatters is far less than TB's. true story. we got a bunch after 2004. but at least 50% of your fanbase is a bunch of front-running bandwagoners, who even if you win the world series, wont show up to games after the first week next year, and wont unless you are in first place come august.

    good luck breaking 30k fans at a game that doesnt involve opening week, the yankees or the red sox.

  34. Elijah's 6th Love Child says:

    "good luck breaking 30k fans at a game that doesnt involve opening week, the yankees or the red sox."

    what about World Series games?

  35. The Professor says:

    anon, good luck to the Red Sox coming back from being down 4 games to 3.

  36. James says:

    Boston fans like their grapes sour

  37. Possum Avenger says:

    anyone have a violin?

    would you like some cheese with that wine?

  38. Iggy says:

    Astros fan, here, just to let you know. Good luck in the Series. Your guys deserve it, and you've suffered a lot to get here. Go do yourselves proud.


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