The Red Sox Nation rallying cry is “we have been here before.” You would think Red Sox fans wanted to lose 3 of the first 4 games. Anybody with a pink hat on today will be quick to point to the 2004 ALCS against the Yankees and the 2007 ALCS against the Indians.

Funny how these fans also forget facing elimination in the 2005 ALDS against the White Sox. Down 2 games to none with game 3 at home. The Red Sox lost. And then there was the 2003 ALCS with the Red Sox losing an elimination game against the Yankees. And the 1999 ALCS against the Yankees. In a scenario similar to this year’s ALCS, the Red Sox trailed 3 games to 1 with game 5 in Fenway. The Red Sox lost.

Oh yeah. The Red Sox have been here before.

And this just in…The ’07 Indians aren’t even in the same league as the Rays. Well, you know what we mean.

Bonus pic after the links (Thanks Brian)


  • Scott Kazmir will indeed start game 5. Buster Olney reported this morning that this move was made at least in part because of the tumultuous history between Kazmir and umpire Derryl Cousins, who is scheduled to be the home plate umpire in game 6. [The Heater]
  • One writer at Bugs and Cranks says Joe Maddon is waiving the white flag in game 5 by starting Scott Kazmir in place of James Shields…Of course they don’t take into account the history between Kazmir and umpire Derryl Cousins, or Kazmir’s history in Fenway or Shields’ home/road splits or the off-day after game 5. Other than those reasons, then yeah, Papa Joe wants to lose game 5. [Bugs and Cranks]
  • David Chalk of Bugs and Cranks says Joe Maddon’s decision is “genius” because he is infallible. [Bugs and Cranks]
  • Some are starting to notice that this Rays team is not a flash in the pan. [The Big Lead]
  • We think we figured out where Willy Aybar’s home run ball landed. The Citgo sign behind the green monster spontaneously caught fire today. [WMUR]
  • Gerry Fraley points out that there is no Curt Schilling to bail out the Red Sox this year. [Sporting News]
  • One Pirates fan wishes he was a Rays fan…To which we say: Why aren’t you? Do it. Don’t be afraid. Jump on board. You can keep the Buccos on the side. We don’t mind. The RAYSHEAD Army is growing, and we are welcoming new members with open arms. And we don’t even mind if you think Scott Kazmir’s first name is “Eric”. We can work on the details later. We would have trouble with the first name of any of the Pirates starting pitchers. [Fanhouse]
  • 8 reasons why the Red Sox are losing…One thing we haven’t mentioned today: Many are looking at the triple last night as a “coming alive” moment for David Ortiz. Why is nobody mentioning that even though he hit that ball well it still came well short of leaving the park? It seems that the triple just made it even more clear that Big Papi’s swing is not well right now. [RBI Magazine]
  • Anthony Rieber thinks the Rays are only good because of a “lot of luck.”…Anthony, research is a writer’s best friend. Try it some time. [Newsday]
  • Hidden behind ESPN’s “Insider” wall, Buster Olney breaks down the 4 things the Red Sox need to do in order to come back in this series. Really it is 3 reasons as one is based on Scott Kazmir pitching game 6. [ESPN]
  • Really? One writer wonders if the Rays will sell out any potential World Series games. Never mind that the Rays sold out all the ALDS and ALCS games in less than an hour. This is the World Series we are talking about…Our IQ went down having read that post. [yoonewverse]
  • The Hardball Times tries to project BJ Upton’s ’09 season based on his ’08 stats, including his postseason performance to date. Of course, they don’t take into account the shoulder injury that Upton battled most of the season. [The Hardball Times]



  1. Horn Rimmed Glasses says:

    No Manny, no papi, no schilling, no lowell, makes for a short series.

    Here's to Kaz bringing the hammer down tomorrow night.


  2. tommy says:

    Last time I checked, history didn't play for the Red Sox nor does history play baseball. But go ahead label the Rays dead, we like it that way.

  3. cougar says:

    youre quite welcome for the picture cork!

  4. Kevin Gengler says:

    And the book he's reading? "When Will There Be Good News?" by Kate Atkinson. Really, that's what it's called.

  5. Scot says:

    When growing up, I was a true Red Sox fan (not the ones you see today.) We knew that no lead was good enough, that every team might eventually beat the Sox in a series - that nothing was certain. Yes, it is far MORE likely the Rays will put this series away sometime in the next 3 games, however it is MORE likely the Sox will win Game 5 and it is not impossible for the Sox to win the series. My only concern is that the Sox will use the their secret weapon against Joe Maddon, the only thing that causes Joe to lose his concentration: Craig Sager.


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