Cliff Floyd was removed from the World Series roster with a suspected tear of the labrum in his right shoulder. Now Floyd says the injury could end his career.

“If I have any more surgeries, my career’s a wrap,” Floyd said. “If it’s something I can rehab from, we’ll see what happens.”

Floyd hinted early in the season that 2008 could be his last. Then, in September, Floyd said he was having second-thoughts, noting that this Rays squad had made baseball “so fun.” However, even then, Floyd admitted that “going through all the surgeries…has taken it’s toll.”

The Rays have a 2009 team option on Floyd that would pay him $2.75 million. The buyout is only $250K.

The Rays, who could already be in the market for a right-handed hitting right fielder, may now also need a left-handed hitting DH. Willy Aybar, a switch-hitter, could take over as the most-days DH. However, Joe Maddon may prefer another player in the role as he will likely continue to use Aybar as a backup at several positions.

In addition, we have stated previously that it would not surprise us if Troy Percival retires after the season. The numerous trips to the DL, as well as his decision to not be with the team during the playoffs leave us wondering if Percy still has a desire to play.

Floyd only appeared in 80 games this season hitting .268/.349/.455 with 11 home runs.

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  1. DirtbagFan says:

    If Floyd retires I'd like to see the Rays try to keep him in the organization in some capacity.

    As far as Percy goes: forget him, he was more of a detriment than a help as the season wore on, and his decision not to travel with the team during the playoffs is unacceptable...

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yeah ... Floyd would be a good fit as a hitting coach I guess!

    But if he retires I would love to see a trade for Brad Hawpe happening! The Rockies need Starting Pitching and a leadoff - guy (CF?)

    So ... what do u guys think about a Brad Hawpe for F. Perez + E. Jackson swap. Who wouldn't do it? Who should add more (prospects?)!

    Then we would have:
    Against RHP: Hawpe (DH), Gross (RF)
    Against LHP: Aybar/Baldelli (DH), Hawpe/Baldelli (RF)

    2nd issue:
    Do we need a new bullpen arm if Percy won't come back or would we rely on Orvella/Salas/Thayer/Jackson to the pen?

    ... or do u think we can get a bullpen arm like for example Ramon Ramirez (KCR) for Jeff Niemann (if not enough maybe also through M. Walker or J. Houser (maybe too much) in?

  3. The Professor says:

    Hawpe is not a bad idea but he is a little pricey. $5.5MM next year and $7.5 the year after and he can void the 2011 part of the contract if traded.

    As for relief pitcher, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Rays go after a Juan Cruz or Jeremy Affeldt, both free agents and both could be cheaper than Percival was this year.

  4. Anonymous says:

    no game tonight....

  5. Carey Freeman says:

    I personally would like to see us give Zobrist a chance in RF. I know he's an infielder, but he seems athletic enough to play OF and he's got a good strong arm that, IMO, may be better suited for the OF than IF (I think he looks rather clunky in the IF and I assume we're holding on to Brignac for some reason).

    I was inpressed with his play at the end of the season. He showed good power, some in clutch situations, and from both sides. Like Upton, it may be a better place for him.

  6. stunna says:

    Prof, whats the chances that Jonny Gomes is back next year? I have a feeling that he doesn't fit into our '09 plans, but I would love to see him finally get a chance at 300+ AB's.

    I suppose they might keep him as a backup or send him to Durham. It's just hard to imagine a Rays team without Jonny Gomes, and he deserves some playing time. He is a great team player, and certainly better than Gabe Gross.

  7. The Professor says:

    first off, Gomes will be out of options next season, so no minor league for him unless he is released and resigned to a minor league deal. not impossible. Rays have had a lot of success doing that because they will actually pay more for a minor league contract than most teams (something closer to major league minimum).

    My guess is that there could be room for Rocco OR Gomes, but certainly not both. So ultimately it could be a case of whether or not the team thinks Rocco is worth bringing back on a incentive-laden contract knowing that he will only start about 70-75 games and on some days he won't be available at all. that last part will limit Joe Maddon's bench options and we all know that Joe Maddon loves bench options. still. right now if i had to guess i say Rocco is back and Gomes is traded.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Sorry to hear about Floyd.


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