Is that the sweetest image you have ever seen that doesn’t involve Salma Hayek?

We have to admit, for all the knocks against Rays fans this season, we are severely disappointed in the Boston “faithful”. We have been to regular season games at Fenway versus the A’s that were louder than the crowd in games 3 and 4. We already learned this morning that premium seats were easier to obtain at Fenway than at the Trop. Add to that the early exodus of pink hats from Fenway, and we feel that Red Sox Nation is in turmoil.

Guess that is what happens when the fan base just assumes the Red Sox will win the series.

After seeing firsthand how loud and rockin’ The Trop was in games 1 and 2, we have never been more proud of The RAYSHEAD Army.



  1. Rays Baseball News says:

    One of the best things to come out of the this series is watching Peter Gammons have to interview someone not wearing a Boston Cap. The noted Sox lover has to be hating that assignment.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Not only not intimidating but a terrible ball park. The Green wall is not a monster but an obstruction. the right field foul pole is ridiculous and put their for the players that can't hit HR. No room or foul territory like no other park. This will not set good with Red Sox fans but the place they call home is prehistoric. It make Tropicana look like a palace and most there fan who come to the Trop say that they love our stadium

  3. Anonymous says:

    Did anyone catch the obviously biased TBS announcer saying, about the Rays, "Who are these guys?" It was the single most gratifying moment in broadcasting this series so far. Oh, unless you count when they said it wasn't that the Rays could hit, it was that Boston pitching wasn't that good. Mmmm, sure.

  4. DirtbagFan says:

    Or how about when they put up a graphic of Shields Kaz, Garza, and Sonny's pictures and said that most people in the country have never heard these names before the playoffs.... uh, really?

    I'll give 'em a little slack with sonny, but the other 3- no freakin' way!! If people haven't heard of Kaz they aren't baseball fans, and the same goes for St James and Dr Garza.

    And they get paid for this stuff...

  5. steve-o1285 says:

    I liked when Gammons was interviewing Crawford after the game.

    "Carl, you've been a Dev......a Ray for 7 years now..."

    We'll take that dollar now Sox whore!


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