[UPDATE: 11:23pm] (just because we want to yell at somebody right now. The TBS deal with MLB won’t expire until after the 2013 season with TBS retaining exclusive rights to televise the ALCS in even-numbered years and the NLCS in odd-numbered years…In the end, we all lose.

[UPDATE: 10:50pm] Sox & Dawgs has the official announcement from TBS.

Two circuit breakers in our Atlanta transmission operations tripped causing the master router and its backup – which are necessary to transmit any incoming feed outbound – to shut down. This impacted our live feed from being distributed to any of the other networks in the Turner portfolio and caused the delay in our coverage. Both our primary and backup routers were impacted by this problem. We apologize to baseball fans for this mishap that caused a delay in our coverage.

[UPDATE: 8:49pm] TBS is describing the technical difficulties as a “router problem”. They might want to come up with a better explanation than that, because it sounds like they are blaming this on a part you can get at Best Buy for $30.

[UPDATE: 8:29pm] TBS has finally got their act together after experiencing “technical difficulties”. Can’t imaging MLB will give TBS any more postseason packages after the current deal expires.

[UPDATE: 8:23pm] ESPN China (in English) has the game if you know how to do that sort of thing.

[8:14pm] We have now confirmed with people in several different cities, that tonight’s ALCS game 6 is not being shown on TBS. The game HAS started according to MLB.com. TBS is currently showing some awful sitcom (The Steve Harvey Show) and will not explain what is going on.



  1. stunna says:

    This is SERIOUSLY messed up right here.....

  2. TP says:

    This is depressing.

  3. luis says:

    no blogging today?

  4. Anonymous says:

    it is on now

  5. The Professor says:

    friends over for the game. didn't know I would have to Live Blog TBS' incompetence.

  6. TheNaturalMevs says:

    Huge game tonight. We're pulling for you guys.

    Stop by the liveblog. We'd love to have some Rays fans.


  7. Anonymous says:

    I'm a better person at the game than being home watching it. I control myself with just yelling at Joe M. for the newly found stupidly. At home I throw pillows at the TV with 4 letter words and my wife runs for cover. We have been to almost all the home games and several away games and it all comes down to "JUST 1 GAME!" Come on Joe let's pull this team together tonight. I could loose to any other team, except NYY or BOS and still feel that it was a great year but to them I can't except it. I don't know how to because I truly HATE them even though (and my wife hates for me to let anyone know that she is from MA & I'm from NY "but a Rays fan 11 years") It's not the people on the streets of BOS or NY it's the arrogant fans and their drunken "I can beat you up don't give a shit about anyone else" attitude we see at the games (we saw plenty of red being thrown out again last night.) I have said enough. May the force be with us and I will see you at the game tonight and hope I can put up my sign "BITTER SWEET CAROLINE TO SONG SUNG BLUE" GO RAYS make us proud.


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