• In case you missed it yesterday afternoon, we ran a bunch of “Webtopia” links in the evening “Happy Hour” feature. [Rays Index]
  • If the Rays decide to carry Carl Crawford on the postseason roster, they could choose to go with only 10 pitchers (6 relievers)…Although Andrew Friedman has not indicated as much, this could end up being a decision between Crawford and Troy Percival. If they want Percy on the roster they almost certainly will want an 11th pitcher in case he is unable to work back-to-back games. [St. Pete Times]
  • Despite a report on one Rays blog, Joe Maddon will not announce his game 1 starter until today. While Shields is the likely game 1 starter, all we know for certain is that Shields and Kazmir will be the first 2 pitchers. The exact order is not known. The blog referenced an ESPN report that is likely based on the probable pitchers listed on the team’s website. It is not unusual for to guestimate probable pitchers, but they are wrong quite often. [Ed. note: we would love to link to the “Rays blog” but then we would get pounded for picking on them too much] [MLB]
  • 8,000 fans showed up at Straub Park in St. Pete to celebrate the Rays first playoff appearance…Can’t say we have a huge problem with it, but this reeks a bit of “just glad to be here.” [Tampa Tribune]
  • The Cubs “Ain’t S#!t” compared to the Rays. [Bugs and Cranks]
  • Baseball Analysts say the Rays have only a 36% chance of winning the first round (based on tendencies in previous playoffs). When we saw that, we didn’t even bother reading the rest. [Baseball Analysts]
  • John Romano compares Joe Madddon to another former Bay Area head coach, Tony Dungy and wonders what success the Rays would be having now if the front office had not taken a chance on Papa Joe. [St. Pete Times]
  • Although we never wish ill will on others, today we link to the latest batch of Fennellyisms. If only because we agree that the tone of the team and the fans changed in Spring Training when Elliot Johnson collided with the Yankees’ Francisco Cervelli, breaking his wrist. The Yankees proved they don’t like getting dirt on their pinstripes and the Rays, for the first time, punched the bully right in the face. [Tampa Tribune]
  • Josh Beckett injured his oblique muscle on Friday and will not pitch in the ALDS until game 3. [Boston Globe]
  • Marc Lancaster is now Twittering. For those of you that follow us on Twitter, you may want to also follow Marc. [Rays Report]


  1. david says:

    I still think Crawford, even at 70-80% is better than any of the other options

  2. Anonymous says:

    even if CC's timing is off a bit, other teams still have to respect the speed.

  3. Sean G. says:

    Is anybody else worried about Matt Garza potentially pitching game 3 in Minnesota? That just sounds like a bad combination based on his history.

  4. The Professor says:

    it is a bit worrisome, but i think the positives are his familiarity with pitching in the dome. Also, Twins fans are not Yankees or Red Sox fans. I think they are more likely to give him a standing ovation even if there are some lingering bad feelings.

    also, Garza has been huge at home this year, and the Metrodome is a "home" he knows and it is a dome. Could be huge, but yes, it could also be ugly

  5. Hunter says:

    I heard this rumor at the airport rally, and also a guy at Straub Park who said he goes to all the games, that Cowbell Kid is throwing out the first pitch for Thursday's game.

    Which is weird, because I know they've already announced who is throwing out the first pitch. Maybe it's a cover up?

  6. The Professor says:

    interesting...all i know is the Rays had to get approval for anybody to throw out the first pitch in the playoffs. i don't know if that means they also have to make it public.

  7. Susan says:

    i was a little surprised that the ESPN ticker would have the game 1 starter but neither Topkin or Lancaster was reporting it.

  8. DirtbagFan says:

    Perez has just as much speed as Crawford, and is swinging a decent bat as well... you gotta stick with him. I say he's at least as good as an 80% Crawford.

  9. The Professor says:

    i think that could be the determining factor. The "downgrade" of going from Crawford to Perez is less than the downgrade of going from 7 to 6 relievers.

    if true, the Rays will keep Percival and leave CC off the first round.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I love having CC back if he is batting 9th.

    As for the Rays Rally in Straub park, Iwas there and I was worried about the same thing. But it felt like anything but "glad to be here celebration" It felt like exactly what it was titled, a rally, a bringing together of people excited, and feeling of something special to happen.

  11. The Professor says:

    good to hear. that was the sense i got from the quotes, but was worried the reporters were being selective.

  12. Kevin Gengler says:

    Isn't Percival's thing that he can't go back-to-back DAYS, not games? If he pitches game 1, then fine, he can't go game 2. But if he doesn't pitch game 1 and does pitch game 2, then can't he go in game 3 since there's a travel day there?

  13. The Professor says:

    yes, it is not just any back-to-back games...just back-to-back games that happen to be on bac-to-back days

  14. Elijah's 6th Love Child says:

    from the site that shall not be named:

    "The douchebag, aka The Professor, continues to talk smack about this site. It’s amazing that the Rays are having a season for the ages, one of the best ever….and this ass clown continues to act like a little whiny bitch."

    wasn't Prof that posted incorrect information. i read that post on DRB and assumed that Maddon had made an announcement.

    I have been reading this site for 2 years and Prof has always pounding people that write incorrect information about the Rays. If the idiots at DRB would stop posting garbage, I am sure Prof will stop calling you out.

  15. The Professor says:

    I would have been more than happy to point out the mistake in their comments section. Alas...

  16. James says:

    where is the hinske love? for the record i voted for Nando. But i am surprised there aren't more people voting for Hinske. I know he has been awful in the second half but the guy is a gamer and he has tons of experience.

    either way, Crawford scares me. instructional league games at 10 in the morning are a little different than the playoffs.

  17. The Professor says:

    Joe Maddon said today that Carl Crawford will be on the postseason roster and he will start in left field.

  18. steve-o1285 says:

    I would like to see Crawford on the roster.

    If they choose to leave him off though, can you imagine having to tell this guy he's not on the playoff roster?

  19. steve-o1285 says:


  20. Scot says:

    IMO, the reason Crawford is in left is that Crawford, at 80%, really isn't that much worse than Perez. Thus when most things are equal, as a manager, you show your team that you support the veterans until it becomes too obvious you need to make a switch (see Dodgers Either vs. Pierre.) It also shows you reward the great years that Crawford has produced for TB. In addition, the assumption is that TB will retain Crawford, hence you really don't want to tick him off (or force a trade) even if you think he might help the team if he were traded.


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