The Red Sox won at home against Cliff Lee and the Indians, but the Rays took both end of a double-header against the Orioles, reducing the magic number by 2.

Yes RAYSHEADS, the magic number is now 2 to complete the impossible and win the AL East, finishing ahead of both the Red Sox and Yankees.

Of course, the best news is the New York Yankees have now been officially eliminated from playoff contention. Yes. The Yankees are officially Roadkill.



  1. jb says:

    "Yes RAYSHEADS, the magic number is now 4 to complete the impossible and win the AL East, finishing ahead of both the Red Sox and Yankees".../with a huge 2 just below

    Somebody was celebrating hard last night.

  2. The Professor says:

    damn. one of these day I am going to fire my wife and hire a real editor

  3. steve-o1285 says:

    It really is a shame to see our Rays crumble under that September pressure.

  4. Michael says:

    Well said Steve-o. However, keep in mind that people a lot smarter than us saw it coming a mile away, like John Romano of the St Pete Times in his Sept 9th column titled "Rays have lost fighting spirit". Here are a few excerpts:

    [T]there is considerable shame in the way the Rays are allowing this to happen.... No matter how you frame it, the Rays are giving the division away... Trust me, this is not a question of semantics. It matters whether the Red Sox take the division, or the Rays surrender it. And, as of this morning, the white flag is halfway up the pole....

    Now, they look like pacifists. They strike out, they walk to the dugout, they act forlorn. I'm not suggesting they throw helmets or tantrums, but they might want to acknowledge this looks bad...

    [Y]ou have to wonder if it is beyond the ability of young players to ignore a loss today the same way they did in May or June or July....

    For much of the year, the Rays looked like improbable contenders. And now, at the most critical moment, they are playing that way.
    They insist it is not the pressure of being in first place that is making them lose...

    We'll soon find out if that is true, because they won't have that pressure much longer.


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