[Update: 4:45pm] The link has now been fixed and displays a Brewers cap.

As of 3:25pm, the above hat could still be found at the MLB Shop. The hat in question is supposed to be a Brewers wild card cap.

We have to wonder why MLB.com has the image laying around at all. It has been three days since the Rays clinched the AL East title. It has been 75 days since the Red Sox were in first place in the AL East.

We are not surprised that some refuse to admit the Rays won the AL East this season. Hank Steinbrenner probably thinks the Rays wouldn’t be in the playoffs if they played in the AL East. And of course the Red Sox allowed the Rays to win the division.

Over/under on articles this week with the title “The Rays are for real”: 86.5



  1. Kyle says:

    What I get a kick out of is that the Red Sox homepage is already advertising a chance to buy World Series tickets. I know they're the defending champs and all, but this is way too cocky.

  2. Anonymous says:

    kyle, mlb runs all the sights not the sox- BUT it is wierd that it says that -rays site says postseason tix but sox clearly says world series....i think with news of beckett today no sox fan can be that cocky


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