THE GOOD: The Yankees are no longer a threat for the Rays, but they are still on life-support for the Wild Card and besides it is just fun to watch the Blue Jays pound the Bombers for 14 runs. It is just a fun way to spend a Thursday evening when the Rays have an off-day. And for good measure, the Yankees are now just a game ahead of the Jays and only 5.5 on top of the last-place Orioles. The Rays are winning. The Yankees are losing. It is like our birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa all wrapped in one.

THE BAD: Back-to-back series against playoff teams. The Rays can’t possibly keep marching along and win 2 on the Southside, can they?

THE TELLING: The Rays will not have either of their top 2 starters in this series, James Shields and Matt Garza.


  • It is not October yet, so we have yet another major newspaper columnist feeling the need to declare the “Rays are for real.”…Geez people, even if the Rays went on a 10-game losing streak, they would probably still be leading the wild card race. The Rays have played 126 games. In baseball, “flukes” don’t last for 126 games. [Chicago Tribune]
  • One of our old friends is actively rooting against the Rays and he doesn’t care if “the Rays winning the division and possibly the World Series would be the single most unlikely rise to power in baseball history”…He can root all he wants. One or two more in the loss column and the East race will be over before September. [Sully Baseball]


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    The best part of what's going to happen this post season is the baseball world, i.e big city teams and fans realizing that Tampa-St-Pete is not Milwaukee/Kansas City small, that downtown St. Pete can be an electric place for baseball, and that the Trop is not a horrible palce and can actually be as loud as anywhere. Reminds me of what happened when the Lightning won, noone in the NHL rags on Tampa anymore, in fact, Hollywood liked it so much they bought the team!

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