C’mon, you guys knew this was coming eventually…There is a general sense amongst some of our readers that all we do is bash the Rays media coverage. The truth is we actually admire most of the working media and respect most of their work. We just get a sense that the Rays media coverage can at times be lazy. Just because the Rays were a second-class team for many years doesn’t mean we as fans deserved second-class coverage. So while our frustration can manifest itself at times on this site, we want to know what you guys think of various members of the Rays media coverage. Next up…Tampa Tribune columnist Martin Fennelly

We could not find a bio on Fennelly so we don’t have a background for you.

Our biggest concerns with Fennelly over the years have been his inexplicable desire to write columns filled with paragraphs consisting of a single sentence fragment.

Holy cow.

Fennelly’s done it again.

An extremely off day.

Fennelly’s idea of a paragraph.

9th grade English teachers vomit.

And for those that say we are nit-picking as usual, check out these recent columns, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE. Those are Fennelly’s last 7 columns. See a pattern? Some are worse than others but all have the tell-tale signs of Fennellyism. Good thing he is not being paid by the word.

And we understand that one of the goals of a columnist is to emote and draw a reaction from his/her readers, but Fennelly tends towards the over-dramatic when he does things like criticizing the Rays for only winning 2 of 3 from the Marlins in early June.

So: Do you like Martin Fennelly? And let’s hear your reasons in the comments…



  1. steve-o1285 says:

    Wow, in his spare time he must write "reading is fun" books for children.

  2. Leviathan says:

    Absolutely unreadable...

  3. Bri says:

    Worst columnist ever. I cannot believe he gets paid for his one sentence paragraph style. It is terrible to read, almost physically taxing on one's eyes. Comparing his style to 9th grade English composition is a compliment. This is dum-dum writing.

  4. curtis vosti says:

    I'm a big fan. A big talent. Sometimes. Or not.

  5. bill macy says:

    He sucks. Way too negative and marginal insights. Think a less talented version of Howard Cosell.


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