Norfolk 7, Durham 6. David Price made his triple-A debut and picked up his first professional loss. In 4 innings, he struck out 6 and walked none, but did allow 3 runs on 7 hits (6 singles and a double). For a more detailed recap of Price’s performance, see the first bullett below…John Jaso drove in 4 with a pair of doubles. He also stole a base and threw out a base stealer…Joel Guzman also had 2 doubles in 4 at bats…Jonny Gomes was 0-4 with 3 strike outs and Fernando Perez was 0-5.

Jacksonville 3, Montgomery 2. Heath Rollins double-A debut was overshadowed by the triple-A debut of David Price. But Rollins did not disappoint, striking out 9 and walking none in 7 innings of 1-run ball. He gave up 4 hits. The only blemish was a first inning, solo home run. He retired the final 8 batters he faced…Eddie Morlan blew the save, giving up a 2-run home run in the 8th…Gaby Martinez provided all the offense with a 2-run home run, his 20th, in the 1st inning…Rashad Eldridge was 1-3 with 2 walks and his 21st stolen base. Eldridge is quietly posting a solid season, with a .301/.397/.402 line. Eldridge is 26, in his 9th minor league season and his 5th organization.

Jupiter 7, Vero Beach 5 (11). Jupiter scored 4 in the top of the 11th and held on for the win…Ryan Morse allowed only 2 unearned runs in 5 innings. He struck out 5 and walked 2…Ryan Royster was 2-4 with a walk and his 9th home run. He drove in 2 and scored twice.

Lake Co. 4, Columbus 1 (gm 1). Brian Flores allowed 4 runs and was pulled before the end of the 4th.

Lake Co. 5, Columbus 1 (gm 2). Jeremy Hall held Lake County to 1 run in 5 innings, but did walk 4 batters and hit a 5th. He struck out 4…Henry Wrigley was 2-3.

Hudson Valley 5, Jamestown 4.

Burlington 3, Princeton 0. Tim Beckham was 1-3 with a single, walk and a strike out.


  • The Immaculate Inning was on hand last night for David Price’s triple-A debut and wrote a detailed account. [The Immaculate Inning]
  • Montgomery catcher Craig Albernaz has overcome all the doubters to make it 2 stops from the majors. [The Herald News]


  1. Chris in Raleigh NC says:

    Very nice description of Price's debut on The Immaculate Inning. Left out was how badly the rest of the Bulls stunk up the yard until the 8th. Most notably the beloved Jonny Gomes. Gomes added 3 more strikeouts, now 12 in 29 at-bats, and he's barely above the Mendoza line (.207 -- thanks Tampa). Defense could have been better. Of course, as soon as Price left, Birkens gave up a bunch of hits and runs (Moving his ERA up to 7.00 -- again, thanks Tampa). Price is promising. Couple more starts, with maybe some help from his team and who knows?

  2. Matt says:

    Thanks for your comments about my blog! Gomes does look pretty lost at the plate, which I believe is because he doesn't think he belongs in the minors. The at bat that ended the game was a perfect example- he swung out of his shoes three times, and the last pitch was up around his eyes.

    On the other hand, he kept the damage to Price at a minimum by gunning out Torres at the plate in the third.


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