Last week’s Rays Confidence Graph results.

Below you will see two polls that ask about your confidence in the Tampa Bay Rays. Please take a moment to answer each question. We will present these same polls every Monday. The results will be presented in graphical form on Wednesday, and will be displayed permanently in the sidebar. The goal of the Confidence Graph is to get a feeling of how Rays fans feel about the team and the franchise and track how that level of confidence changes through time. Thanks!

Raysiverse events of the past week that could impact confidence levels…

  • The Rays are 61-43, 1 game up in the AL East over the Red Sox and 3 games ahead of the Yankees…In the past week three Rays won 2 of 3 from the A’s at home and split a 4-game series in Kansas City.
  • The Rays are 6-11 in their last 17 games, but are 6-4 since the All-Star break.
  • It appears as though Gary Glover is going to be DFA’d.
  • There are lots of rumors concerning whether the Rays will or won’t make any trades before Thursdays deadline.
  • The Rays are closing in on the franchise record for wins in a season.
  • Some are not very happy with BJ Upton’s recent play. Ok, many are unhappy.
  • Could Rocco Baldelli be the right-handed bat the Rays need?
  • The Rays are making it clear that their top prospects are not available in any trades.
  • Jason Bartlett came off the DL, Ben Zobrist was sent back to Durham.
  • One writer says that the Rays have a better than 50% shot at making the playoffs.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Re Upton: I noticed at fangraphs that his HR/FB % is way down from last season, from 19.8% to 7.1%, while his IFFB% is down. What do you make of it?


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