Surviving Grady is not very happy about the use of “Sweet Caroline” after the final out was recorded last night, as that is the same song used during the 8th inning at Fenway Park.

But instead of just taking the high road, letting your performance on the field speak for itself and figuring a sweep of the defending World Champs would be message enough to send to the rest of the world at large, you had to go and do it.

You played “Sweet Caroline” after the final out of last night’s game.

That’s a play right out of Smug Upstart Wannabes 101–the mark of a team that’s so confused by its own success, it feels it has to take these opportunities to step on the 600 pound gorilla’s nuts when he’s down, because it’s not sure it’ll ever have another chance to do so. It was sophomoric–instantly recalling the “1918” chant that was popular ’round Tampa Bay before our 2004 heroics–and frighteningly lame. But it doesn’t surprise me.

We feel we should apologize to Surviving Grady and the rest of Red Sox Nation. You see, they clearly misheard the music being played. The song was in fact not “Sweet Caroline” by the ever-lame Neil Diamond.

No. The song that was played after the final out in which the Rays swept the Red Sox and stretch the lead in the AL East to 3.5 games, was actually “Sweep Caroline”.


Where it began, we can begin to know when (7th inning on July 2)
But then I know it’s growing strong (RAYSHEADS UNITE!)
Oh, wasn’t the spring, whooo (beat up on the Spankees)
And spring became the summer (beating up on the Pink Hat Nation)
Who’d believe you’d just run along

WINS, lots of wins..reaching out
Touching us, sweeping you
Good times never felt so good
We’ve been inclined to believe it never would

Ohhh, SWEEP CAROLINE, good times never felt so good…so good, so good, so good.

“Open Letter to the Tampa Bay Rays” or “The Thing About Karma” [Surviving Grady]



  1. ThaWasMe says:

    Impressive, classy. Like you've never been there before. Getting there is one thing, staying is another. Gloat, it is so becoming of you and your manager.

  2. 4 Star General of Pink Hat Nation says:

    How dare you mock a great tradition like Sweet Caroline! You haven't heard the last of this.

    Excuse me while I put on my pink Ellsbury jersey and watch my extended edition DVD of Fever Pitch.

  3. Piss Off says:

    ahhh...Red Sox fans. Defining classy since 2004.

    Kinda like being taught how to hit from Richie Sexson

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. DirtbagFan says:

    Really?? Are Sox fans really that despondant over a song? Its sad really- how the mighty have fallen... on second thought, no its not, its f-ing hilarious!!

  6. kyle says:

    I guess they all missed it the first time we swept them..

    Red Sox Nation: "Die-hard since 2004"

  7. DirtbagFan says:

    As I sit here in Florida and think of all the Tiki Bars I've sat at listening to live music I am instantly reminded of Sweet Caroline- since every local-yocal band in the world plays it as part of their set.
    I was just going to ask if the Sox fans go to all the Tiki Bars in Boston and threaten the bands not to play this true masterpiece of lyrical genius, but then I remembered that they're in Boston; there are no Tiki Bars... didn't it snow there yesterday?...

    LOSERS, get a life!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Is it too early to start thinking about Joe Maddon as AL Manager of the Year???

  9. Jim says:

    Seriously guys, we should probably tone down our enthusiasm about the Rays being first in the AL East (and MLB). That's twice in the past three days a Sox fan has chided us for not being classy in these comments. I mean, how classless must we be if the Pink Hat Nation is looking down on us?

  10. WiNKy Oconklin says:

    "it feels it has to take these opportunities to step on the 600 pound gorilla's nuts when he's down, because it's not sure it'll ever have another chance to do so"

    A 600 pound gorilla's nuts? First off that Gorilla is clearly dickless, and simply just got a truckload of sand sweeped up into her 600 lb. vagina while trying to pussy shuffle past our Devil rays.

    ...what a bunch of fever bitches.

  11. Typical Tampa Fans says:

    Joke...typical Tampa bandwagon fans. When the Sunshine Rays are riding high in 3rd place by September the seats will once again be empty. You can take your broom back to your cozy job a Target or maybe sweep up the souvenir Rays cups out of your single wide. Remember...We won the war and now we are taking back what is rightfully ours.

  12. Rocco Baldelli says:

    seriously, you tampa fans are complete idiots. has ANYONE won the World Series (let alone the AL East) on July 3rd? Did you have a parade today for the sweep?? Get out of the sun, your brains are cooked. and your cowbells? just like the Angels and their "thunderstix", you are a passing fad. See you in Sept. when you start wondering what went wrong. IDIOTS.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Holler and cry all you want Sox fans, you have lost all sense of humility and grace since 2004 and Tampa fans have been putting up with loud, obnoxious, soemtimes violent and always ignorant GUESTS for far too long! I'm glad Tampa Bay fans have some kick to em these days and I'm happy the Pink Hat Nation is offended. I can guarantee when the Rays manage to win one (and it won't take 86 years!) the fans won't lord it over the MLB and act like they're entitled.

  14. TitleTown says:

    That just goes to show how f'ing stupid Tampa Fans are. First off take a look at baseball history and you will find out that we have won the WS serveral times before 2004...So it didn't take us 86 years to win...IDIOT. Great..RAYS WORLD SERIES CHAMPS...I will get to look at a bunch of toothless, mullet wearing retards wearing same old ratty championship T-Shirt for the next 10 years like Bucs fans. Just like the Bucs and their 90,000person waiting list...which is now -90,000 the Rays fans will disappear again and complain about the 30 minute drive over the bridge.

  15. WiNKy Oconklin says:

    Ahhh my XL 100% cotton 'Buck Foston' T-Shirt... Never Felt So Good.

  16. Jack Mckokoff says:

    Hey- if it wasn't for us Sox fans (and dare i utter it, Yanks fans) attending games at the Trop, you'd HAVE no team. the revenues generated when the sox and yanks come to town SAVE your asses. Please, your fan base is a joke. you can THANK US FANS that come to your redneck, gap toothed, mullet shaving, wife beater wearing, incest-loving, country music listening, mudflap loving city, because without us, your team would've moved (see Seattle Sonics) YOU'RE WELCOME FOR FINACIALLY SUPPORTING YOUR TEAM OVER THE PAST DECADE. HOMOS.

  17. Come Original says:

    P.S.- Winky, get a clue. The Boston Celtics came up with the "first letter swapping" concept back in '84 when the Celts played the Milwaukee Bucks and we all had Muck Filwaukee shirts on. But no shock, you cockswabs are still using our ideas. Try to be original, taint-scraper.

  18. Jonathan Papelbon says:

    Quick, Red Sox fans! Jump in my giant hair and I'll carry you to the promised land by sitting on my ass and not doing anything for a few days!

    Payback isn't a bitch, but I sure as hell am!

    Don't forget to keep talking so much game and bringing none of it to the field! We do such a great job of that when we don't have a 37 ft. wall behind us in Left Field.

    How dare the Rays and their fans be happy about their success, because it's not like we're complete dicks when we do something as little as hit a high fly ball or anything!

    Although the Rays' bullpen was 100% better than me in every way for this series...

  19. DirtbagFan says:

    Absoulutely ridiculous... Can Sox fans seriously be angry that we were excited about a sweep?? I implore you- you new-age, metro-sexual, yuppie bastards; at what point did it become unacceptable to root for your favorite baseball team? Is that what you're so angry about, because only Boston fans can get excited about their team?
    You pukes are no better than Yankees fans...probably worse-- Scumbags!

  20. WiNKy Oconklin says:

    "... But no shock, you cockswabs are still using our ideas. Try to be original, taint-scraper"

    I keep on trying to be original... but whaddya know? appartently Boston invented "cock swabbing", & "taint scraping" too.

  21. Anonymous says:

    WOW...I don't even know what to say about the Papelbon post. It makes no sense at all..has no wit or humor...It just plain sucks.

  22. DirtbagFan says:

    I find it more than ironic that the idiots from Boston, which has one of the countries 3 largest gay populations, continue to use gay-slurs in regard to describing we Rays fans...

    "Hello kettle, this is Boston're black!"

  23. GAY POLICE says:

    Wrong again Idiot...You must have a tattoo on your brain too

    Rank State Percentage
    of State
    Population GLB Population
    population rank
    1 California 5.2% 1,338,164 1
    2 Florida 4.6% 609,219 2
    3 New York 4.2% 592,337 3
    4 Texas 3.6% 579,968 4
    5 Illinois 3.8% 345,395 5
    6 Ohio 4.0% 335,110 6
    7 Pennsylvania 3.5% 323,454 7
    8 Georgia 4.3% 278,943 8
    9 Massachusetts 5.7% 269,074 9
    10 Washington 5.7% 266,983 10

  24. and by wrong you mean right... POLICE says:

    Rank Metro Area Percentage
    of Metro
    Population GLB Population
    population rank
    1 San Francisco 8.2% 256,313
    2 Seattle 6.5% 154,835
    3 Boston 6.2% 201,344

  25. The OFFICIAL Gay Police says:

    Rank Metro Area Percentage
    of Metro
    Population GLB Population
    population rank
    1 San Francisco 8.2% 256,313
    2 Seattle 6.5% 154,835
    3 Boston 6.2% 201,344
    4 Portland 6.1% 94,027
    5 Tampa 5.9% 119,044
    6 Austin 5.9% 61,732
    7 Denver 5.8% 99,027
    8 Minneapolis 5.7% 130,472
    9 Orlando 5.7% 81,272
    10 Hartford 5.6% 49,000

    Hey look at it this way Bawston... at least you're leading the standings over Tampa in something.

  26. Anonymous says:

    who cares about some song that is played after a game. they have to find anything possible to be bitter about after being swept!

  27. Anonymous says:

    I enjoy how Boston fans describe Rays fans as rednecks while Boston itself is a cesspool of racism and hatred. Oops, I forgot - most Red Sox fans have nothing to do with the city of Boston!

    Fenway is about as nice as the Trop if the Trop didn't have a roof and the fans that fill it up are the sorest losers around. Stop taking yourselves so seriously "Red Sox Nation" - nobody else does.

  28. Anonymous says:

    PS the sock was covered in ketchup

  29. Jonathan Papelbon says:

    "WOW...I don't even know what to say about the Papelbon post. It makes no sense at all..has no wit or humor...It just plain sucks."

    What a coincidence, because that's exactly how one can describe me... Jonathan Papelbon.

    Good job remaining anonymous. I should have done that too. Can't let those Rays fans know what total douchebags us Red Sox are, huh?

  30. Mike Balducci says:

    haha your team gets swept and you have to rush to their defense on a blog. congrats Sox fans, you are officially pathetic.

    go pretend like you were a fan before '04.

  31. Jonny Gomes' Foster Parents says:

    LOL...Idiots!!!! Act like you were a Rays fan before 2008...before last week for that matter. Its funny how I never see a rays fan with a ball cap more than 2 weeks old on.

  32. pink hat nation can lick my balls says:

    that's funny. the tag on your pink hat says 2007

  33. Anonymous says:

    the fans have nothing to do with how the game is played on the field, the rays owned the red sox for three games at home just as the red sox owned the rays in boston
    its a baseball game, not a fan competition

  34. Steve says:

    Hey Boston, tell me how my ass tastes.

  35. John says:

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't the Red Sox fans the one's who taunted Jim Eisenreich for ticks caused by Tourette's Syndrome ("shake, shake, shake"), so much so that he had to leave the game?

    Yeah, the know a lot about class...

  36. DirtbagFan says:


    You said it all.
    End of discussion!

  37. Anonymous says:

    "Hey Boston, tell me how my ass tastes."

    I wouldn't know but I am sure it tastes alot like Carl Crawford's cum....You're an Idiot!!!

  38. GOD says:

    Remember John...You are all my children

  39. Mark says:

    Uhh, I guess that was a Red Sox fan that seems to know that someone's ass tastes like some man juice?

    oooooookay... And that's why that guy is "anonymous."


    You don't have to hide. Your boy Papelbon was already here.

  40. Mark says:

    I'm an Idiot..I can't follow the blog...Steve's ass does taste like Carl Crawford

  41. Titletown says:

    Mark...I am glad you admitted you know what Steve's ass tastes like. I will know blog as Titletown so you don't think I am hiding behind the "anonymous" tag

  42. beantown10 says:

    Hey DirtbagFan,

    First off, nice choker your wearing in your photo, you sell those at your horrible kayak store?
    Being from PA i would think you would be a Pirates Fan but seeing they would get beat by the US Womens softball team, you jumped ship you bandwagon piece of crap.
    If you guys want to know how it feels to live in Titletown then come up to Boston for a weekend. Even the Paper Rock Scissors National Champion was from Boston . Thats what we do, we breed winners. 6 championships this decade, get your facts right. Oh yeah sweet Tattoo, is that Evan Longoria in a night gown . YOU ARE A JOKE

  43. stunna says:

    LOL @ these annoyingly pathetic Boston cock suckers. Get a life you douchebags.

    "WHAAA my pussy hurts! Rays fans hurt my e-feelings! My beloved Red Sox got swept by a better team, WHAAAA!"

    Get over it and stop whining about everything and trying to be e-thugs. Maybe one day when you get a real life and move out of mommy's basement you'll have better things to do with your time. No wonder everybody hates Boston. Go have some more tea and clam chowder, tools.

  44. Titletown says:

    Stunna...I am glad you enlightened us as to why everyone hated us...I always though it was cause I was banging your sister in my moms basement not because I lived there. Sorry you family abandoned you like Jonny Gomes' did but our parents made sure we were provided with every opportunity to be successful. They don't kick us out of the house at 18 so they can afford an above ground pool and a 12pack of Natural Light. Rays will fold and the only pussy that will hurt will be your sisters....put that in your E-pipe and smoke it...IDIOT!!!

  45. stunna says:

    titletown...LOL...what was that? Sorry, all I heard was "WHAAA!" Is everyone from Boston this annoying or is it just you?

    I don't have a sister, but thanks for playing. I hadn't heard a mom/sister joke in years. Maybe once you graduate high school you'll learn some better insults. And as for being successful, I'm doing just fine, thanks for your concern.

    I'll see you and your pink hat-wearing ass buddies in the playoffs. Here's hoping you can hold off the Yanks for that Wild Card spot 🙂

  46. Titletown says:

    Stunna...Not concerned at all and I'm glad to hear that I am annoying you...that was exactly what I was trying to do. As for the better get your tickets now...I hear a Yankees/Redsox ALCS ticket is tough to get. Oh..btw...the playoffs are in October...One of the "New Rays Fans" said "we will see you in November" ..not sure what that means...but I guess he is coming to the W.S. parade in Boston. I didn't notice..but do they put the rules up on the scoreboard like they did for the Lightning? All those fans and nobody know what the fuck is going on...Typical Tampa fans...IDIOTS!!!

  47. Rocco's Leg says:

    Must be tough having an "identity crisis" like the Devil Rays, er, D-rays, er Rays. not sure what to call your team, where to come up with funding, or even if your team will even be there in 5 years.

    you know whats even BETTER??? being smart enough to know that your HORRIBLE fairweather fan base will be gone when the shit hits the fan and your team isn't in the chase, only to watch all your talented players leave to play on WINNERS.

    Scott Kazmir, what's that? you wanna pitch at lefty friendly fenway? and the Rays can't afford to pay you market worth? well, then, we got just the place (and fan base to pay the bills) for you!!!

    Friendly Fenway!! Future home to talented Rays players!!!!

    (whats that on the PA system??? Yankee Stadium paging Carl Crawford?????)

    (cue losing Price is Right Theme for luckless Rays fans)

  48. Captain Obvious says:

    Rocco's leg can't talk... What a stupid alias.

    Red Sox fans are more worried about the Rays than the Yankees if they're still trolling around here almost a week after their egos took a beating.

  49. stunna says:

    Oh man, these Sox fans are so intense, they know our team so well, and they are so good at talking trash and knowing how to make us look bad.....

    In case you beantown broke dick Boston fans can't tell, that was sarcasm. You already do such a great job of making yourselves look like tools that it would be pointless to keep insulting you ignorant douchebags.

  50. titletown says:

    I admit it, I am gay, just like 75% of Red Sox players and fans. We are FABULOUS!!!

  51. beantown10 says:

    Stunna? Sweet name, stop watching the WWE down at Barnicles you goofball. The only thing getting stunned is the cunt of every dumb Tampa girl every time we visit.
    We know you still rent some condo like every other snaggle toothed prick down there. Grow up , your team sucks and your girlfriend is getting used as a cum dumpster in YBOR every weekend by a pack of long t-shirt wearing thugs.
    The best thing that has happened in Tampa lately is Hulk Hogan banging his daughters friend.

  52. Anonymous says:


  53. Anonymous says:

    I see you smart ass rays fans have quieted down since the 5 game losing streak.. Well I guess it's time for you guys to hop off your bandwagon again and wait for them to get back on track. None of you guys have followed the Rays for more than 3 months, so please stop acting so god damn cocky.


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