THE TELLING: C’mon people. Think about this for a second. It was Edwin Jackson versus Josh Beckett in Fenway Park. If they played that game 100 times, the Rays would win it 1 time and only because Beckett would be struck by lightning in the first inning and Manny being Manny would accidently hit a 3-run home run for the Rays…Look, it’s not in our nature to be mysterious. But we can’t talk about it and we can’t talk about why.


  • Quick reminder: The Rays Index Live Blog-A-Baloo of the Week will be held tonight right here. And don’t forget the early start time of 6:05.
  • Evan Longoria is up for MLB’s Rookie of the Month award and the fans can vote for the award. Go to this link and show your love for Dirtbag. [MLB]
  • Don’t forget to VOTE for Carl Crawford to start the all-star game. If you haven’t voted yet today, go NOW! [MLB All-Star Voting]
  • Joe Maddon and Coco Crisp got into a heated exchange in the 8th inning after Crisp intentionally slid late on a steal attempt and shoved a forearm into the chest of Aki Iwamura like a little bitch. MLB.comhas video of the slide…Crisp might want to wear a little extra padding on his backside tonight. [MLB]
  • Carlos Pena was placed on the 15-day DL with a broken finger. Justin Ruggiano was called up to take his roster spot. [St. Pete Times]
  • There is another entry into the Rays Blogosphere, and this one comes from one of our regular commenters, Dirtbagfan. [Rays The Stakes]
  • Sorry we missed this one yesterday, but did anybody else notice who gave up only 1 run in 6 innings and beat Randy Johnson two nights ago? Answer: Seth Freakin’ McClung. Sweet Fancy Moses! We sat and stared and tried to wrap our brain around this one for a while. This is more complexing than trying to understand Salma Hayek and Ed Norton as a couple. [Bugs and Cranks]
  • Baseball Analysts will be live-blogging the draft. [Baseball Analysts]


  1. DirtbagFan says:

    Thanks for the shout-out.

    Beckett was hittable last night, if only Jackson could've dug down and found some of that once-a-month nasty stuff he's got, it would've been the perfect storm.

    PROF: Is tonight's game subject to the same early-start black-out rules as the Rays' Sat. concert games??

    On a related note, i was at the game last Sat., and although I'm sure that Trace Atkins actually sang well, we in the stands couldn't tell because the acoustics were absolutely dreadful... waste of my time.

  2. The Professor says:

    as for the blackout. no. that is only on saturday afternoons (until 7) and Sunday nights starting at 7.

    that is when Fox and ESPN have exclusive broadcast rights. Nobody (even is allowed to broadcast games when Fox or ESPN has a national game. it sucks.

    that surprises me about the acoustics because i know there have been real concerts in that place in the past. i wonder what went wrong. they better fix it. i have tix to one of the sat games in a couple of weeks

  3. DirtbagFan says:

    They hung speakers from the forks of 2 grade-alls/tractors, and instead of locating the stage centrally they set it up between 1st and 2nd bases facing toward the Rays bullpen with a canvas backdrop behind the stage(so from our seats next to the Rays Tank we had to watch the jumbo-tron to see the concert (of course we could've moved i suppose, but it seemed pointless considering the bad sound quality)).... i was really disappointed, as my wife has never been to a concert of any kind and the first thing she asked after the concert started was if all concerts sucked as bad as this one... what a shame.


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