First of all, this photo is AWE.some, even if James Shields didn’t actually connect…But will somebody please tell James the Greater, that the next time a batter chargers the mound…keep the cap and DROP the glove. Those left hooks are much more menacing without the leather…not too mention the risk of breaking a bone in his pitching hand.



  1. Mark says:

    Coco Puff made Shelley Duncan look like a saint. Count Chocula here has no regard for anyone but himself, fitting that he just happens to play for the Red Sox.

    It breaks my heart each time I see the highlight of Shields missing his face, but not as broken as that punch would have broken Coco's face so he'd be eating through a straw at least until he had to come back to Tampa.

  2. Katie says:

    This was great for all of us having hockey season withdrawals.

    Coco is an idiot. He HAD to know he had that coming. Take it like a man, dude. Being a Twins fan, I turn to my knowledge of A.J. Pierzynski for inspiration. Now, when A.J. does something douchey and gets plunked for it, he's generally the first one to say "hey, I gotta respect the guy for taking care of business."

    Coco makes A.J. look downright gentlemannish in comparison.

    I don't envy you Rays do you even keep track of all the D-bags in your division?

  3. John says:

    I actually am a fan of both of these teams, and I think it sorted itself out the right way. I think Coco had good reason to be upset about the slide, but was out of hand with his slide into Aki.

    I also think that hitting Crisp was fine, and the fight was fine also.

    Here is the dumb part...why hit him in the second inning? That pretty much guaranteed a loss to the Red Sox. Sure you feel good about yourself as team, but that won't sit too well in 3 months if the Red Sox win the division, and the Rays miss out on a playoff spot.

    Well, at least Shields can work on his boxing in the off-season.

  4. Pastor Jeff Arp says:

    The Red Sox take care of business and still get the win. The Rays take care of business and use that to justify the loss. That is why the Red Sox are back in first place, wear World Series' rings, and sell out their stadium. As a Rays' convert, the Boston Red Necks make me puke and I look forward to the time that scenario is reversed. Hopefully it will come sooner rather than later.

  5. DirtbagFan says:

    Dear Mr. Crisp,

    Go to hell!


  6. Anonymous says:

    All you rays fans who think coco is wrong for what happened!!!!! You all need a serious reality check!!!! PLease please don't hate because we are REAL fans, and you don't even like your team until something big happens like they WERE in first place or get into a fight with the team who just TOOK first place from you. such fairweather fans you are. Coco should have knocked shields out, THAT would have been AWESOME, the fact that shields missed actually makes the whole situation even greater!!! CRISP AND THE REDSOX ARE THE GREATEST PLAYERS THIS SPORT HAS SEEN IN A LONG TIME!!!! Face it RAYS your nothing but second best, that is until the yankees take second!!!!!!!


  7. The Professor says:

    nice pink hat you are is the view from the bandwagon?


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